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  1. Those pictures in your set are beautiful - could someone point me to the posts/pages, or tell me the month(/year) they were posted?
  2. Wow, those pictures are... wow... She's... wow...
  3. This job is already taken .... HQ Ohh, but I'm much more secure though. :evil:
  4. Touching Candice and getting paid for it... Where can I sign up?
  5. I really miss her VS stuff. Victoria's Secret really dropped the ball on this one... <_<
  6. Thanks for the link!

  7. Your avatar is hypnotizing.

    I just gotta ask where it's from..

  8. Thank you for the compliment about my username. :)

  9. thank you for the heads up! I love seeing her backstage her English is sooo good now too. VS just doesn't realize the gem that they have with her, but whatever. I think I'm over that and I want her to do bigger and better things, especially because I don't even like most of the other new girls The weird part is that she's featured quite a bit in that swim-vid but we've never seen the pictures.
  10. Do you got a link to that YT clip? OMG shes georgus!!! Badboy
  11. Aaaw! Does anyone have the link to this video?
  12. She's quite the little hottie isn't she? And lega...I mean 18.
  13. EXACTLY. people yack and yack about how shes all over VS, now shes doing other projects-yes shes getting thin. YES she needs a sandwich, but they use a model the most because they sell. and apparently candice's body is ideal for everything in VS. I just hope that she gets back to her previous weight quick. She could have done this stunt of HF shows with the body she had.. <_<
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