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  1. wow great thread!! J'aime la France...I was at Charles de Gaulle for a 6 hour stopover en route to Morocco and I fell in love with every French person that I met on the plane and at the airport. I love French people....It took a considerable amount of self control to not miss my flight...my group leader told my group that she wouldn't let us leave the airport because once we saw Paris, we would never want to leave French is my favorite class at school. I love the language and it's sexy when frenchmen speak english Dans un autre vie, j'étais française.... oh and don't forget to add Gaspard Ulliel to this thread! Je suis tombée amoureux de lui..... I'm giving in the crazy, obsessed, fangirl in me
  2. like: her success, her hair, her eyes hate: her music Aline Nakashima
  3. Sabrina Jales, 19 anos, mudou-se para o exterior 4 semanas após entrar para a agência Mega. "Não falava uma palavra em Inglês, mas valeu a pena", garante. Translation?
  4. Tommy Hilfiger's SS07 campaign! http://usa.tommy.com/opencms/opencms/press...d_campaign.html Location: Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah border. Shoot: Week of October 9th, 2006 Photographer: Dewey Nicks Creative Director: Ferdinand Van Alphen
  5. candid with natasha She's gorgeous
  6. Has this been posted? She is next to Fernanda Tavares.
  7. Polaroid - does this belong here? oh well
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