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  1. sry pedro being white is just better exhibit a) ps: every white person has black genes as we are all from africa so this whole race and skin color discussion may be important to you but it's actually pure crap because some of us might think there is some new information or pictures about doutzen and than we have to read that bullsh't... @every reader pps: yeah i know, you thought i posted some infos or pics, but you just realized it was also nothing more than bullsh't
  2. the rtl boulevard show you should watch it on youtube it's in hd
  3. wow there are 2 great news about doutzen..if you know what i mean
  4. well she broke up with the last dj and started dating this one directly.. so maybe there was something while she was in the previous relationship but who gives a f*** she's young, rich and beautiful..hell, i can't even imagine what i would do (to be clear i'm not rich )
  5. hmm she looks great as usual but this dress requires bigger boobs
  6. doutzen x3 olga x3 elianne x3
  7. no no no i have to disagree no matter what i do i can NOT look ugly..it's like nothing can be faster than the speed of light
  8. http://community.livejournal.com/modelcouture/751943.html
  9. DAMN!! can't wait for hq's :drool:
  10. can someone post more/all pics from this event?? i guess i missed it edit: never mind i found it..
  11. wow she looks so good there but damn where can i get those shoes? http://www.imagebam.com/image/950d4a71054000/ (from the guy with the blue-white shirt)
  12. I think that counts for every guy....rich or not hmn actually we don't give a f*** it's all about undressing girls
  13. well a person who is truly self confident(which doutzen should be by now..) wouldn't take that as an insult i don't know you but i guess you're either young or you have low self-esteem (and pls don't take this as an offense ) + this:
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