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On 1/12/2019 at 5:27 PM, Hollander said:

She posted this on Instagram 

A letter for her kids

She's leaving her family for 3 nights 



Translation for those interested:


Dear Phyllon and Myllena,

Did you have a nice day at school? Mom misses you already. 

After dropping you off at school I went home and pinned a paper to the pinboard about the seasons. So you know when winter arrives and spring and of course the summer! The latter of which Myllena is already looking forward to :). But first Phyllon's birthday of course. Right now I'm flying to Los Angeles(LA) and then I will go to Palm Springs by car. You can find it on the map. You'll only have to wait for three days before I'm back! Phyllon, good luck with soccer and Myllena, have a lot of fun swimming. A big kiss from mom. 


(Note: directly translating from Frysk to English is hard, which is why some of the sentences are clunky. For example, the part about the paper with the seasons, I literally translated that, but I'm not actually sure if she means some kind of calendar or what. I just translated what she wrote).  

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I love how Lachlan uses sunlight! 


I'm confused, she reposted a stories with Derek at YouTube Space in London, but on his Instagram there's nothing and before that she posted a selfie and now posted a picture of her traveling in the same outfit of that selfie before she post that she was in London. So she's been in London and she's going back to Holland, she posted this photo when she was going to London or she's still there or she was in London and she's going somewhere else?! Because after all this she posted a video in a hotel room...

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- L'Oréal

- Hunkemöller

- Repeat Cashmere

- Fifth House

- St John

+ Hopefully Calvin Klein & Piaget 


No idea what she's shooting today but I want a Versace campaign

For Versace fragrance or sunglasses campaign or else it's probably just a magazine shoot 

She looks flawless with Versace sunglasses on

Hopefully the photographer will not ruin the photos

I want the photos with Doutzen to be as flawless as on the video

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So for upcoming fashion works we have:

- Shoot in London with Mariacarla Bonosco and Katie Grand.

- Shoot in NY's streets (after she went to DNA with Pieter Mulier from Calvin Klein).

- Shoot with Versace clothes.


I think the shoot in NY's streets were just pics with looks by Ketevan and she did something in the studio, as well as some trips to London that did something that we will only know when released!


Did I forget something?

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