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  1. She looks really thin. Thinner than usual. okay another comment on her weight. This isn't a critique just and observation. Her thighs always look big on a VS runway show but whenever I see other picture like paparazzi or photo shot...they look very normal. Why?
  2. lmao hollander. You're the real MVP on Doutzens forum.
  3. Does Doutzen intentionally try to wear as ugly clothes as possible when going out of the door??? This is occurring to often to be a moment of bad decision making.
  4. can any dutch person explain what doutzen is talking about? Especially about the penis joke in the video? I'm clueless.
  5. A photographer shouldn't get get away with such bad pictures of models. That is 3 to many pictures to be a mistake. Very very unprofessional. ALmost bullying doing something like this.
  6. I wonder what the reason was that they refused to work with her when she started her career? Was it b/c she is regarded as too fat? Too pretty?
  7. In that case doutzen should have turned down the balmain campaign. what is his beef with doutzen? Does he have several models that he doesn't like?
  8. Does anyone know doutzens beauty regime for body and/or face? Her bodys color looks great. It's looks photo ready for a magazine just need a camera. Is she using bodymakeup? I don't think so....
  9. Meh. Too trashy imo.
  10. That has to be the worst red carpet/VS carpet outfit I've seen her wear. Looks like the orange/blue dress from Pretty woman but black as the color. Sigh. OffT: is it the shadows playing my eyes or have Adriana,irina and alssandra done boob jobs???? I swear their boobs did not looks like that!
  11. I will never forgive her for not being the wife to charlie hunnam.
  12. I'm going to offend half of you guys but I STILL don't see what she sees in Sunnery. *drops mic and runs to charlie hunnams sweet sweet arms*
  13. Why does he keep calling her his soldier?
  14. weird request. There is clip on youtube with doutzen at a gala I think and she is outside taking pictures with fans and there where 2 or 4 soldiers taking pictures with her. Can anyone help me find the video?