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I haven't watched all of the the SI Interview yet, but those two came off as such airheads in that :/

but whatever - that interview was made for men not women,

I'm sure thats like every man's fantasy to see those two in the same bed acting all giddy and such

If you call that airhead behavior, you aint seen nothing yet. Look up Bar Rafaeli for SI and you'll find out it's possible to seem even more brainless.

But I agree, this is an irritating 'interview'. They were obviously prodded to act as superficial and stupid as they could probably get. Atleast it looks like they're having fun....

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I would't say that "some".. i must admit that even Irina loose some points in my opinion, because of her perssonal choices , things she does or told. But that's doesn't matter because I never will speak with her( It's depressing), so what i can actually do is continue the sweet dream about a great girl from russia, a girl who like to play the piano(which means that she"s talented , sesitive and quite clever) and looks ridiculously good :)

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