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Looks vs. Personality


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I was just wondering what you girls thought. I mean I often hear my friends say that they would never date a guy who isn't good looking,pretty shallow...but to me I think both looks and personality are important,but I can't choose :/

When it comes to crushes I think its personality first. Yes I have accepted that my dream man Kyo Sohma (just to name one) will never turn up at my front door...because he doesn't exist :|..he's just an anime,but the reason I'm attracted to him is not only because he is hot,but he has such a cool personality it just makes him look 10x better.


who you date this guy? Lets just pretend that he has a great personality..but would you?

Does it really matter what he looks like? does it?


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:shock: He's veryyy ugly :ninja: :whistle:

Anyway, i know it seems shalow but i couldn't got out with that guy even if he had a great personality. I could go out with a barely cute guy but never with an ugly guy (see the pic above in Chicken's post :p :ninja: ). I'm not saying that i don't care about personality, if a guy's really hot and has no personality i won't go out with him...okay, maybe :ninja: j/k :whistle: I need both to got out with a guy :p.

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The first thing you see on a person is the look. The real character you will maybe never see or after a long time. So everytime the first you see is the body (on inet you "imagine" a body). And you a must like the body, that`s genetic. Not important if on the first sight or after a time you like it. That`s life :)

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oliver..nicely put

i agree with acro b/c looks get your attention but after awhile

looks fade away, thts when a personality is so important

like for me humor in guys is just as important as their looks

im not going to lie and say oh yea i want an ugly boyfriend..you dont even have to be hot in my eyes you can be normal..and be funny...i think its so attractive when guys are really funny.

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Yes. I'm no A. Lima but I would go out with anyone if they were polite and had other qualities I like.

I've just gained new respect for you.

But I don't really care about intelligence,just as long as the guy is strong and he can fight :/

I mean I don't want him to be stupid,just average is okay.

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