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  1. this thing is still going strong..its great to see new candids..some of you might know me..lol i havent been here in awhile
  2. this effing sucks..her boyfriend sucks...this SUCKS. i think you get the point..i always liked the prince.. people complained about his big head but really you can get beyond that..or maybe not lol anywaysssss they should re-think the relationship..because i doubt its irreconsilable..and plus the new boy-friend could use some masculinity...where are the real mennn c'monnn
  3. ermmm what hte heck are you guys on lol hes hot n rich and a real live prince i aint mad! lollll btw merry x-mas to all
  4. side profile is beautiful...shes effortless and her eyes!
  5. she looks beautiful but shes wearing make-up...who ever is doing hers does a good job
  6. OMFG#$%#@!#@@#$ you guys will love me lol she has the cutest accent! thankkk you henrique for introducing this modelll
  7. loverr this womannn.. she was highly popular in the 90's...and plus she has the french version of my name!
  8. i think you are talking about charlie green...she is the master mind behind these girl's beautiful faces...really good make-up artist
  9. candid madness! thankssss everyone....her skin looks beautiful
  10. *sighs* such beauty.. i miss tyraaaaaa its going to be so weird watching it..so used to her energy
  11. yay! for the new candids...thanks everyone. they were beautiful
  12. lmao you know sometimes i wonder taht too! im like maybe she is confused lol her beauty justifies anything..so thats why i never say anything she says is false lol
  13. bianca's face is very intense in every way..her eyes pop out at you..her cheek bonesss are higher the mt. everest..and her lips are plump..shes a doll
  14. nice hair! who else would look this good in a simple tank top lol
  15. that is not adriana i am pretty sure..she has a different nose and i dont think thats angelina either..im confused
  16. any one recognize her nose? from every angle it amazes me lol she has such a nice nose..i guess im a "nosy" person ayeeeeeeee okay.
  17. what would be her face shape? is it a square or a heart?
  18. Dream Angel


    early christmas present
  19. wtf?!?#%R#$ i LOVE her so much she is so als;dkfj;lewifj beautiful..*sighs* what does bianca mother look like?
  20. hey does anyone have the pix "soulless" has as her icon and signature ? if you do please post
  21. bianca has the most awkwardly beautiful face
  22. she doesnt own that bar anymore and her best friend isnt oluchi..though they are good friends and yes adriana is a bookish and that is her favorite author...i dont konw about the rest of the stuff but what i am saying is valid info
  23. shes not pregnant. im feelin the japanese vibe of the dress thoughh..shes part japanese too i believe
  24. how can you compare joe cole with ashley cole?...they cant be compared to each other....ashley cole is a defender and joe cole is a right-footed midfielder who plays as a winger for chelsea ...ashley cole plays at left back...joe cole plays as a winger as an attacking midfielder... im talking about skill wise..not talking about specific positions..and yes imo they can be compared..because even as a defender he aint all that great..hes an average defender anyways..ill stick to what i said
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