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  1. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    Sounds like a secondary gain. I think I'm in the same position,but I'm not proud of it I want to get rid of it! But it feels like the behaviour is automatic I feel helpless.
  2. {name}

    I Am...

    Thinking; hell I don't believe that good men exist anymore *sigh*
  3. Should know that I'm an idiot.
  4. Hello!! I remember you surely! I have been gone long time.haha

  5. Finds my avatar to be interesting.hah
  6. I've been here since I was 17 now I'm 21. Been here long time :|
  7. Oh Candice always looks so good. Loving the commerical!
  8. {name}

    I Am...

    Hating my mother....bored and still has the carb face. hard life
  9. Really? 19? she looks older. Ok.. now I will stop focusing my attention on her she aren't important :|
  10. {name}

    I Am...

    Stuffed.Got the carb face syndrome going on here..
  11. I'm just wondering, does anyone know when her book ''Treasure yourself'' is coming out?
  12. I like what I see very much! How old is she?
  13. {name}

    Asian model

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knew her name Cheers
  14. Thanks! hmm we need more pics in this thread for sure and omg I love her bag.lol
  15. She is amazing! is she mixed by any chance?
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