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Movies you are planning to see


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Memoirs of a Geisha



Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Aeon Flux

Saw 2

Sin City 2


The Stone Council (and all other movies starring Monica Bellucci i havent seen)


Amour de femme (kihihi)

Underworld: Evolution



Irma Vep

Happy Together

Center Stage (the Maggie Cheung one)


Worst by chance

King Kong again

um yeah, that's it for the moment

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Yay! I finally saw Memoirs of a Geisha and Brokeback Mountain.

Brokeback was, by far, the better movie. However, my anticipation and love for Memoirs since I was in fifth grade made watching the movie really special.

My quick reviews:


Beautiful women, beautiful costumes, beautiful scenes, beautiful dance. Very pretty to look at, but I found the acting mediocre. Zhang and Gong did the best jobs with what they were given. Oddly clumped and altered storyline in relation to the actual book, I think the editing could have been a bit better. The way everyone spoke really got on my nerves..... no one spoke proper english, no one spoke japanese, and not everyone could speak english with a decent japanese accent. The effect was a strange combination of misspronounced english accented with british accents, american accents, mandarin accents, and a few that sounded vietnamese or french. Which was really weird. And when I heard the Japanese actors sounding Japanese, I just wished that everyone was speaking in a uniform manner.

All in all, good movie. Entertaining, worth your money, beautiful. Just try to ignore the minor discrepencies in Japanese culture, and the weird sounding dialogue.


A tale of impossible love between two really hot cowboys. The main visuals are frequent closeups on Gyllenhaal and Ledger's faces, and gorgeous natural scenery. Both Jake and Heath did an AMAZING acting job in this movie. It also was really new in that it showed homosexuality in such a natural, non-judgemental light. No stereotypes were present, and I felt like Ang Lee did a good job of bringing the audience close to the characters. Unlike Geisha, which was much more detached (unfortunately), Brokeback feel more captivating and relateable. My only problems were that the end was a bit predictable, and that I wish Heath Ledger had done more with his facial expressions near the end of the movie, because I was relying on him to draw closure.

All in all, great movie. Fresh. Simple. Pure. Make sure you rush to see this before the Oscars begin, because this WILL be there.

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