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The New Faces Competition

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Results of 1th Round:

Winner (Advances to the next round): Taylor Marie Hill by Prettyphile

Loser (Out of the competition): Katryn Kruger by Squeege Beckenheim

Second Elimination Rounds

Round 2/8


Julia Frauche by Single_Ladie


Keke Lindgard by Single_Ladie



1. Vote for only one model once in each of the three following areas:



Overall ability

Please, only pick one model for each catagory and do not split your votes half/half. Thank you!

2. The winner in the majority of catagories will move into the winners bracket and onto the next round, the loser will fall out of the competition.

3. A minimum of 15 votes are needed before we can move to the nest round, so, vote!

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