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The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP


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I miss being able to go hiking due to the heat.  It is 90-100 degrees F (including humidity, sun) recently.  The hottest days of the year, and the sun is very intense.

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@Joe > Average Last time I checked it's not normal to send your DAD pictures of you railing a ho :rofl:


Text msg's to his niece that are sus as hell. Wincest realness




Totally normal picture to have on your phone of your NIECE 


Does the entire Biden family call Asians “yellows” … or just Hunter?



Looks like Pedo Peter was aware of the degeneracy his son was doing









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Finished Fellowship and the Twin Towers, and well into Return of the King.  The films are mostly loyal to the books, with significant additions and some things taken out. What is added is a ton of action and also additional content (such as Boromir, etc.) and small changes.  There is very little action in the books.


All in all, the extended cut of the films are frankly better than the books to me.  They say that a picture is a thousand words and this holds true.  I just don't have enough imagination if I rely on the books alone.

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On youtube there are some interviews where GRRM discusses Tolkein and LOTR.  He seems to identify himself as a "contra-Tolkein", an innovator who takes established tropes in fantasy and makes new versions of them.  This is obvious from Game of Thrones.  Basically, he criticizes Tolkein as being a pollyanna.


However what I don't like about his work is the nihilism and negativity.  GOT is about misguided people working towards mutually assured destruction.  I think a massive saga should end with the reader/watcher and key characters becoming better than they were before, and triumphant in a unique way.

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Borussia Dortmund confirm that Sebastien Haller had to leave training camp due to illness and traveled back to Dortmund for treatment. During examinations, a testicular tumor was discovered.


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