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I'm close to finishing the 19 and 1/2 hr audiobook for "Fellowship of the ring".  Even though it is 15 1/2 hours longer than extended film the book covers a similar amount of story.  The reason why it is so long is the great attention Tolkien makes for describing emotions, the environment, and lore.  So far the LOTR is far superior to the Hobbit and a lot more artistically written than Game of Thrones book 1.


Peter Jackson's film really enhances the text.  The film itself deletes stuff, adds stuff, but maintains most of the key events.


As a consequence, I can't see the Peter Jackson film ever being surpassed.

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1 hour ago, frenchkiki said:

It's so weird to me that people who are against abortion are also FOR  the death penalty.

The dichotomy of lunatics and pathological extremists.


how will christy repopulate the earth if there were no "accidents"?  ac5097d2ac4cff7b2f9426278fea9415.jpg

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Finished "Fellowship of the Ring".  Now onto "Two Towers".  Fellowship is a masterpiece of a novel.


I'm starting to understand why fantasy fans say that the LOTR is the most important fantasy series.  The tropes, archetypes etc. of the genre are described here and popularized.

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