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The Totally Awesome Chick Fight Deathmatch Championship League


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I'm bored...

What do you guys think? Every Tuesday from now on we should have a vote to see which of two chicks would win in a fight. Each contest will post contestants, their strengths and weeknesses and a venue where the fight will take place. You get three votes. Narrating the fight is highly encouraged. Also, PM me if you have an idea for a fight.

Voting ends every Tuesday at 9PM EST. At the same time, the new contest will be posted.

This week...


River Tam

- Flexible and graceful as heck

- She can kill a ship full of reavers all by her lonesome

- Takes half a second to spot where all the bogies are and shoot all of them with her eyes closed. They are also on opposite sides ofthe room.

- She can read people's minds / psychic

Best feature: Super intelligent

Weakness: Vulnerable to panic attacks, 100% human


Cameron Philips

- Hyper-regenerative flesh over a hyper-alloy combat chassis made of high heat resistant coltan

- She can twist similar sized T-800 series Terminators into knots

- Super intelligent with many onboard diagnostic tools and upgraded software

Best feature: She's made out of coltan and is really really strong.

Weaknesses: Plasma rifles, can't swim, high voltage electric shock will shut her down for 120 seconds and then she reboots

Arena: American Aircraft Carrier, USS Ronald Reagan



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Voting Closed.


Cameron: 3

River: 3

It's a tie!!

Next fight...


Violet Song jat Shariff

- Emotionally dead killng machine

- Member of resistance against the Arch-Ministry

- She can kill a room full of other hemophages

Best feature: Infected with hemophagia, a disease that grants powers similar to those of vampires

Weakness: She feels a maternal connection with a little boy named Six


Beatrix Kiddo (aka. The Bride, Black Mamba)

- Trained in Tiger and Crane style Kung Fu by the master Pai Mei

- Member of the "Deadly Viper Assasination Squad"

- She killed the Crazy 88, she killed Bill

Best feature: Trained in the use of the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" and a really hacked up version of the "One Inch Punch"

Weakness: Her and Bill's daughter B.B.

Arena: A Chicken Farm



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