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Congrads to Athene for first to 80

Pictures can make or break a competition. Now I'm sure we've all at some point or another gone into a competition thread and looked at a set of two pictures of two separate woman and been asked to vote on which we think is better; who has the better back side, the better body, the better walk, the better smile *ect*.

Well this competition will hopefully move away from that conception. How about not voting on model against models, but merely voting on a model/actress, rating her from 1-10 based on what we think her?


1. The first x # of people to put their votes in for the woman who's up will have their votes counted towards the overall scoring. For those of you who missed a chance to vote, I'm sorry! First come, first serve, hopefully your vote will count next time.

- We are going for the OVERALL average of each woman. So if one day 32 people come in to vote, and the next day only 11, it's not going to display the averages fairly, which is why I've had to set a limit on the number of people who's votes will count.

I'll be advertising in my sig and in the woman's threads when they are up for voting, so you should have at least 24 hours before the round starts to plan if you'd like to vote.

I will not begin a new round till 22 people have voted.

2. Each woman will have a set of attributes for you to rank between 1-10 {1 being worst, 10 the best] Please rank all attributes, and not just the ones you like.

3. Each week I'll put up the top 6 girls for that week. When we are done with this, you'll be given an extensive list of Models and Actresses who you like, based on Overall as well as their attributes according to the averages.

4. If you don't like the pictures provides, please feel free to add your own!

VOTING WILL BEGIN IN 24 HOURS FOR: Marisa Miller [Friday 11-28]


Chiara Baschetti

Christina Ricci

Sophia Bush

Vlada Roslyakova

Tyra Banks

Selita Ebanks

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Wonderful idea! But, my own history of these things is that people don't like the idea that some of us might actually have opinions. Particularly if they happen to be thought out and explained.

And god forbid you should have a rational reason to dislike someone popular!

They get a bit, well, a bit like this:


Know what I mean?

But I see you've picked a model who in no way ever arouses these feelings and is a very safe and subdued choice for your first pick... It should be easy to give our honest thoughts without having to worry about other members retorts. :shifty:

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I'm basically picking out all the pictures for the woman days in advanced.

12-15 pictures in total of things like, smile, eyes, butt, legs, body, cleavage, things that display natural beauty, and sexiness in both candids and print. Just trying to give you guys a wide range of pictures to look over to help you decide. I'm putting my own opinions aside and I'm trying to find the best pictures these woman have to offer.

If you'd like to send me any pictures of the woman up and coming, I'll try and use it. Please make sure the pictures are larger and fairly HQ. Right now I have about 18 pictures of Chiara to go over, but please feel free to send me some more Francy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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ATTRIBUTES Please rank the following between 1 to 10 [10 being the best]

1. Hair:

2. Butt:

3. Face:

4. Eyes:

5. Legs:

6. Body:

8. Smile:

9. Cleavage:

10. Sexiness:

11. Natural Beauty:

Voter #: [Fill in which number you are]


Christina Ricci

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ATTRIBUTES Please rank the following between 1 to 10 [10 being the best]

1. Hair: 6

2. Butt: 8

3. Face: 7

4. Eyes: 7.5

5. Legs: 8

6. Body: 9.5

8. Smile: 8.5 , she has a very nice smile :) .

9. Cleavage: 9

10. Sexiness: 8.5

11. Natural Beauty: 10, doesn't need makeup at all to look her personal best :) .

Voter #: [Fill in which number you are] 4


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