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How Can Today's Models Gain More Mainstreem Visibility?

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I was wondering about this because when I was reading, hearing and seeing different things about different eras of modeling and seeing things different from what I always thought. I never realized that many models from prior eras were like celebs are today, at mainstream red carpet events, real household names. My view of modeling was always that you had to date an actor, director, athlete or singer to get that type of visibility :ninja: . But it seems that it was not always so. People knew the "trinity" (Evangelista, Turlington, Naomi) along with others...for themselves and that is somewhat of a foreign concept to me.

Even people that don't care about modeling know who Cindy Crawford is :idk: and probably don't know or remember what celebs she dated :unsure: .

Anyway, this is NOT a topic about the "fall of the supermodel" or even "bringing back the glory days" by any means. The topic is not about bringing back the full fledged "glory days" but what I wanted to know was some of your thoughts about how today's models can gain general mainstreem visibility outside of dating celebs and VS (not knocking those things, of course :flower: , its just that they are too easy and obvious :ninja: .

I think some would have a lot more American mainstreem media visibility for one, if not for a language/relatablity barrier. And by "relatability" not necessarily only you relating to them, but a personality or mystique that interrests people as well, but I can't speak for South America and European mainstreem, fo course...

But Again: The topic is NOT about bringing back the full fledged "glory days" :mellow: , so comments about how we'll never see the glory days again, ect. will be rendered off topic :mellow: .

But just wanted different people's ideas about how today's models can gain general mainstreem visibility (or how some are). OUTSIDE OF dating celebs or VS :) .

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Marisa Miller seems to be doing it :) . She appeals to a lot more than only male fans. Her personality seems to allow her to have a much wider appeal than the average swimsuit or fashion model, so maybe personality helps :) .

As to high fashion, helping more people to see the art of it would help :) . Maybe for like a model music video, a real fashion photographer colaborate to show the best of both worlds so more people can see the range of art in high fashion work, all kinds of things...

Let models talk in more fashion commercials :yes: .

Promote more model only fashion magazines like Numero ect.

Have more interviews in fashion mags so people can get a better idea of who they are :yes: .

STOP having great editorials with everyone but the model's name :| . A lot of people want to know who they are but will never know just because their name isn't anywhere to be found :| .

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It's really not fair to discuss about "mainstream visibility" when you can't bring up how it used to be done in the past. If that's the case, I won't discuss names but I will name a few ways of how a supermodel can get her name known in the homes of middle America (in no particular order).


Remember Duran Duran? Remember George Michael? Those artists used a bevy of up-and-coming models in their videos and used them properly. Instead of exploiting the models like a bunch of hoochie mamas like some other bands did, they incorporated their beauty and mystique into the videos, which brought up curiousity. The curiousity meant lots of attention and lots of attention equals fame.

Nowadays, music videos are a dying form. MTV isn't even MTV anymore and the channels that DO show music videos aren't getting the same amount of viewers that an episode of "The Hills" is getting. But all it takes is that one particular band with the right particular song and the right particular video to get attention. Hey, Kanye did it!


Remember "House Of Style" and "Singled Out"? Remember "Hitman"? Or even "Twilight"? Some of the actresses of those movies and hostesses of those shows started out as models and look at them now. All it took was some talent and good looks.


The Swimsuit issue is still considered one of the most anticipated mags every year, so it can't hurt a model's chances to be seen by millions of sports fans and pervs around the world. If it worked for an unknown like Anne Vyalitsyna, then why not give it a try?


One of the few ways to appeal to a crowd of males that don't read High fashion magazine like Vogue or Harpers is to appear in a men's magazine. Maxim, FHM, Esquire, GQ are all perfect ways to get the exposure that a model needs (whether its the cover or an editorial). Usually each month's issue (of either publication) tends to get a lot of publicity, so even if the model isn't on the cover, the exposure is there.


Of course, the fame can appear simply being known as the "fill-in-the-blank" girl. GUESS and BEBE are a few examples of a company that thrives on unknowns to push the brand. Sure, a model can appear in as many print ads, but when people start seeing models on busstops and billboards all over the country, it can only help the fame factor.


This one has a 50-50 chance of working. Some lesser known models became more famous through scandals and some just disappeared because of it. I wouldn't recommend it, but it is an option.

A model can appear in as many high fashion editorials with the most respected photographer(s) as she wants to, but if they are trying achieve a mainstream status with the money and fame, they have to think beyond high fashion.

Many models that leave the high fashion world for a chance at fame tend to alienate a chunk of their fan base (like Doutzen Kroes, for example), but in return they gain a newer and bigger fanbase and I'm sure that's all they really want.


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I don't necessarily mean "don't bring up the glory days". I just want to be clear that I don't want to recreate the "rise and fall of the supermodel" thread and talk more on what can realistically be done in the here and now to increase mainstreem visibility, but not necessarily take over the entertainment world per se, because then there would be a lot of "it will never happen again, ect..." but to basically be MORE well-known to the middle-man as you say.

But those are all good ways :laugh: and I didn't consider hosting :nicole: .

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Yeah, good points. But more and more I see less models doing big promotions and more celebs doing them or even sports people.

As far as the European or S.Amerca mainstream. You're right Joe, they are completely different. Models like Isabelli Fontana and others who deserve a lot of respect are huge everywhere but here. It's sad.

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sounds good to me vamp (Y)

a model will never become mainstream if she just does one or two aspects of being a "Supermodel". ie: strictly high fashion or strictly commercial. I think she needs to conquer them all! commercial,high fashion,tv,movies,music videos,mens mags,date a celeb,hosting gigs,business woman,etc... All models who have done all of these have pretty much became household names, and Gisele is the last one to do so. Probably why she is called "The Last Supermodel". (but even her fame doesn't compare to that of Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Stephanie,etc..IMO)

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-memorable music videos

even if Helena didn't work as a model after "Wicked Game" she still would be remembered from this video...

-being a style icon

even my friend, who is not so much into modelling, heard about Agyness Deyn and saw some of her street style outifts in magazines :|

-be the first

the first in some modelling area, or break rules.....Jourdan Dunn was the first black model at Prada show in this century (last time with black model for Prada was 15 years ago with Naomi Campbell)....the whole trend for babydoll faces started from Gemma, she graced covers of the four most prestiegous Vogues (UK, US, FR, IT) and not just once, and not only these editions....

-editorials with models+celebs in popular magazines

Gemma was in Vanity Fair with George Clooney....

-fashion/big brands commercials

H&M etc.....

-playing in movies

Lily Cole is not only a model of a memorable look (and recently a Playboy/men's magazines model :ninja:) but an upcoming actress.....

well, ok, maybe I didn't get it right, cause if you tell your non-modelling friends the name of Gemma they would be like: who? Emma? the girl from our school? but after showing them pics of her, they surely will tell you they have seen her before....I hope :ninja:

Ok, this post is probably senseless for you guys, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in :p

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layla, that post was worth at LEAST 5 euros!!!

back in the 70's and 80's and early to mid 90's.. actresses wanted to be taken 'seriously'

so they de-glammed themselves, and let the models pic up the slack when it came to satisfying

the publics need for glamour and drama.

now things have come full circle, and models cant get covers or editorial space OR ads

because actresses/musicians have dibs.

what everyone said is right... go completely commercial

start acting,date an icon,make a sex tape-- whatever works.

on a serious note...since EVERYONE in the entertainment worldis so damn beautiful now-

those 'glory days' of loving those incredible supermodel beauties will never come back, because theyre not a rare commodity anymore

i mean, with halle berry and alba hawking revlon, why would they need to hire models? etc...etc....blah,blah,blah

as for model scandals.... DONT try to recreate kate's drug scandal <im talking to U, jodie kidd!!> lolol

kate's the only one whos iconically cool enough to pull it off

but as long as in america actresses and musicians are our style goddesses

i'll just poke my head in the sand and wait for this crappy trend to end :/

and we worship models again as god intended :rofl: :rofl:

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thanks Penny ;)

oh, you know, there is other way, but it's not really about a positive effect.

Would more people, beside modelling fans, knew about Ruslana, if she didn't die in mysterious way?? :|

I know, it's an awful thing to say. But hen, realise, when do we see something about models on tv (non-fashion programmes I mean)

-when it's Kate Moss and her drugs

-when it's Naomi Campbell and her anger

-when it's an "anonymous" model dying from anorexia/hunger/etc.+all these "smart heads" and their discussions about eating disorders

:/ :cry:

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Oh, I just read an interesting article about Rubik's and Struss' careers.... I remember reading in other articles about Anja, that as a child, she used to watch George Michael's videos with supermodels and dreaming she'll be like naomior Linda one day.... Ok, anyway....

In the recen article, an agent from Anja's agency said: "There is no comeback to 90's, when a famous face, model's surname attracted. The reason is rivial: nowadays there are several dozen times more excellent models than in the middle of 90's and nobody want to pay that generously for face. It's not the same with a known singer or actress. Then they will pay millions".

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Snejana Onopka and her porn photos didn't really make her so famous, either :p

WHAAAT? :blink: where can I find this??

:p I knew there will be somebody asking for these photos! :D

Maybe they are not really THAT porn, but anyway....not what I would call artistic photography :|


Irene :cain:

they leaked her....oh yea, she was blind and didn't know how the photos will turn out? :cain:

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