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EMA 2008: the best look



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  1. 1. The best look

    • Beyonce [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Beyonce-Knowles-1108.jpg[/img]
    • Kerry Katona [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Kerry-Katona-1108-1.jpg[/img]
    • Pink [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Pink-1108-1.jpg[/img]
    • Duffy [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Duffy-1108.jpg[/img]
    • Leona Lewis [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Leona-Lewis-1108-7.jpg[/img]
    • Anastacia [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Anastacia-1108.jpg[/img]
    • Sugababes [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Sugababes-1108.jpg[/img]
    • Dasy Lowe [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Daisy-Lowe-1108.jpg[/img]
    • Katy Perry [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Katy-Perry-1108-1.jpg[/img]
    • Solange Knowles [img]http://media.entertainment.sky.com/image/unscaled/2008/11/7/Solange-Knowles-1108-2.jpg[/img]

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leona and daisy lowe but in general :ninja: :blink:

Yeah, I agree.

I didn't vote Daisy, cause I simply don't fancy these "leather clothes" style.

Solange would look good if not this bolero or however I should call this thing.

Katy, hmm, I guess her dress should be shorter. But then again, she's not standing "front", so you can't really tell :laugh:

Sugababes: I don't like Amelle's shoes :ninja: and Heidi wore dark tights to a "light", white dress, it looks stupid.

Anastacia: I watched a bit of this EMA Gala on tv....I didn't recognise her! But she still isn't wearing things suitable for her. Oh well.

Duffy's make-up makes her look old, and in this dress, overall, she looks like she's about to cook sth, not to appear on the red carpet.

Pink: it's the next time she wore a very long dress for an event. I think, they're not her style! You know what I mean....

Kerry and Beyonce....


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