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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008 (POST-SHOW Thread)


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The show has been taped, it hasn't aired yet. Everyone's comments are based on the zillions of runway photos that were released since Saturday - check the Runway thread here, or the massive VSFS thread over at TFS (direct link to there pics start coming in) for more pictures. :) The kissing comments come from many photos just showing the girls blowing kisses, waving, pointing, etc. :)

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When they didn't make own music in the footage-snippets I've seen so far, we got as soundtracks:

Love Lockdown by Kanye West (the segment, in which Heidi wears that red loop)

With You by Chris Brown (the flower-inspired segment)

Yeah by Usher (in the 1st segment)

Personally, I think the Chris Brown-song kinda fits to that flower segment, but I don't know about Kanye West in the last segment - don't really match to the outfits.

PS: Mariah Carey also performed - kinda interested if this is gonna be shown on CBS

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See i think love lockdown works its a great walking song...fast beat good pace i can see the girls walking it but Chris Brown that song is so slow and boring how can you pump down a runway to that travesty...i hope they change it or remix it to be faster cos i like all the outfits and looks in that segment and having that song would ruin it...All the other songs seem good for the show btw i think Mariah performed at the after party

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Saw this soundtrack-list, but I'm not sure if it's reliable

1. Glamour Goddes Usher: Yeah , Whats Your Name

2. Dangerous Jorge Moreno: Babalu

3. The Moderns The Killers: Human

4. Pink Planet The Ting Tings: That's Not My Name

5. Ballet De Fleurs Chris Brown: With You

6. Black Tie Holiday Kanye West: Love Lockdown

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