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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008 (POST-SHOW Thread)


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Based on all of the pictures (thanks to all who posted them by the way), I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised so far. The outfits all look very good, and I have no complaints about the model selection.

A couple of notes:

- I'm blown away by how gorgeous Miranda looks in all of her pictures. She, Candice, Maryna, and Alessandra really look like the stand-out beauties of the show to me. And also - YAY - for Miranda getting four outfits. She goes from two outfits last year to getting three walks and a finale outfit for 2008.

- Selita's arm wings seem to be perfect for her. This is one time where she gets to do something crazy with her arms on the runway, and it works. She looks so pretty this year that I don't mind "whatever" VS did to her head for the show.

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Here is my two cents :)

The show so far looks amazing. The outfits and model selection was perfect this yr except for a couple of girls i was happy with them all this year. The runway and venue were incredible it looked so glamorous and fantastic.

For me the highlight was CARMEN KASS RETURNING...No one knew and when i saw it i fell off my chair. She is the best and was shocked when VS stopped using her but she is back and better then ever. My only complaint is that Dangerous and Black Tie look very alike and from the pictures you get a bit confused and they used all the same models for both segment so that didnt help. My biggest worry this year was PINK but i think the outfits and models were great. They looked good and had fun and i thought it was awesome...

I was blown away by Maryna and Candice they are definite girls VS needs to keep around. Miranda,Alessandra,Adriana were so beautiful. Overall i was so happy

My complaints there arent much lol

I wasnt fond of the Modern outfits but its cool cos the others looked awesome...

Lindsay and Sessilee i dont care for much it should have been Jessica and Oluchi instead. My last worry is the opening i dont like how the girls are all over Usher why they are walking its a bit worrying cos i hope its nothing like last yr...Example the pointing and waving etc

But overall it was awesome now lets hope the editing is good and not stuffed up like last yr and we can have the possibility of this show being better then 2005...

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I have to say, i wasn't expecting the show to be this good ... i still like WOW!

You all know that I LOVE ALESSANDRA, & wow, now i just have to say that I LOVE HER MORE! Hahaha ... she was AMAZING ... the outfits, her beauty was like WOW, her wings, her style ... wow, she is just perfect, i really love everything about her ... she didn't look like she had Anja 2 months ago, that's amazing ... wow ... i love that woman! Oh ... now, i think i'm lesbian for her :drool: :heart: :blush: ... i think she had the best comeback EVER :wub:

Adriana&Izabel ... wow, my other two Caramel-Osas, they both were amazing ... i love them too ... i was really good to see Iza, it'd be so sad if she wasn't, but well, i'm glad she was :heart: ...

Candice really impressed me ... i didn't think she could be as good as she was :blink: ... everything about her was perfect ... i've really loved her! Now, i'm her big fan :wub:

& well, the other one that made me get excited, was Ana BB ... WOW! She's shown again that she was made to be an angel, she HAS to be an angel ... fo-Real! It was incredible to see her again on the runway :wub: :wub: :wub:

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the outfits were great this year, a whole lot better than last year, and all the models were stunning, especially Miranda! and I'm really glad that Adriana got the fantasy bra, she also looked amazing. i loved Alessandra's poses and she looks so much better than Heidi after her first baby :p i'm happy that Ana is back, but I wish Bianca Balti was there too :(

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So... overall I think this could be a good show, though the cast is still not what I love... Better than last year at least... BUT that waving and kissing and acting is so horrible Why can't they tone it done A LOT? It's not sexy, they look like crazy chicken...

What I liked was that different hair styles were used, not every model had the same and that gave the show some variety - what the cast didn't

I'll just critisize each model, but I guess a lot will change when I see the show.


1-Adriana Lima: I think she looked stunning and didn't do as much cheesy stuff as last years. Kinda disappointed of the Fantasy bra outfit though, her hair covers it and Selita's silver-black outfit looked a lot more glamourous... Still, she was one of the few brunettes and by that, one of the best of the whole show

2-Alessandra Ambrosio: Her body was insane, no mark of her pregnancy could be seen at all! Look wise, she was one of the most beautiful. But her acting Gosh, it's like she collected all the arm action and kisses and hopping from the last years and put it into this show. Not good. Not good at all.

3-Doutzen Kroes: She looked lovely, very womanly and grown-up and very sexy. After the brown haired catastrophe - well done!

4-Karolina Kurkova: I do love her - and she didn't disappoint me. Her body didn't look as bad as everyone said, in fact I think it looked really good! She looked marvellous! I think it's insulting that she only got two outfits while Candice and Maryna got more.

5-Heidi Klum: I have to say that I think that she did well. Esp her outfit in the Usher segment looked lovely. That ribbon outfit did not work for her, though. They had a similar construction over the stomach in 07 for Adriana in the Holiday segment I think and it looked horrible back then, too. I definately liked Heidi more than most of the other blondes.

6-Marisa Miller: I think she's hot. Her body is amazing and as long as VS cannot find better, Marisa better should stay since she oozes the playful sexiness they need.

7-Miranda Kerr: Looking fabulous, one of the high energy girls! And her body is, next to Marisa's, the best out of the angels. Love!

8-Selita Ebanks: Too much, still, but the hair does a lot for her and her outfits were lovely. She should continue toning down her kisses etc.

Generally: The angels stood out, in a very positive way. Selita and Alessandra should stop acting like excited school girls, though.


9-Abbey Lee Kershaw: NEVER again. Gosh. A looking-thirteen-year-old does NOT belong onto the VS runway. She was pretty horrible, worst to me. So wrong!

10-Ana Beatriz: Some of you might know that she's pretty "blah" to me. But since there weren't many calm beauties in the cast, she could turn out to be one of my favourites in movement since she looked very glamourous and beautiful.

11-Anne Vyalitsina: I like her. She was a nice surprise, I'm happy she was there. Esp since she looks like a woman...

12-Angela Lindvall: You know I dislike her. She looked alright, but her arms It can't be THAT difficult not to throw them wildly around, can it?

13-Arlenis Sosa: She is such a pretty girl, her skin tone is amazing and since I only saw one photo I won't be too harsh (cause so far, she was a miscast - a Katja Shchekina or Jeisa Chiminazzo of this year. Pretty, but not giving the show anything).

14-Behati Prinsloo: Didn't impress me much so far. Cute, sure. But that's it. Not as bad as Abbey Lee.

15-Candice Swanepoel: Boom, Chica! What a bomb! I didn't like her look at the beach, but she totally rocked the show, her body is HOT and yes... I think she'll be amazing in movement.

16-Carmen Kass: To me, she's boring. She just doesn't transmit the energy I want and I don't like her face and body. But still she is alright, a bit like Anne V.

17-Caroline Winberg: Sadly, she got two outfits - Edita should've gotten one of those... I think she wasn't good, but I think some of the pictures weren't the best, so maybe she'll surprise me. So far, with Angela and Abbey Lee the "not want"-group.

18-Clara Alonso: I disagree with the lovers and haters here. She did a fine job and looked pretty, and to me she was more interesting than Arlenis so far. Still, I would've liked Eugenia or some hotter brunette to get her spot. or at least other girls to get two of her outfits...

19-Edita Vilkevicuite: My lovely girl... She looked completely stunning, even though she had that horrendous outfit. I still hope she got one more cause she would deserve it and her face and body are just insanely feminine! I want to see her more often at the shows...

20-Emanuela de Paula: I think she'll be better in motion than in pics. She does look stunning, and not as expressionless like Arlenis. Maybe she'll get in a row with Ana, Anne V. and Clara - the silent beauties.

21-Erin Heatherton: I liked her. She fitted Pink very well, in a quite grown-up way. She worked the outfit!

22-Flavia d’Oliveira: I must say, she was really good. Esp in that horrible catsuit she looked sexy! She's not my favourite, but she did rock my socks.

23-Inguna Butane: Is there anything left to say? She was beautiful, silent, stoic, wonderful. AND sexy! One of my favourites, if not Number One!

24-Isabeli Fontana: Nice that she was there, she's always nice to look at Never my favourite, but always a nice addition!

25- Izabel Goulart: How could they let her go? She looked hot, hotter than hot, she was on fire! Sooo good!

26-Julia Stegner: She was fine, I'll admit that. She did well and looked beautiful, I think i'll put her in a row with Ana, Anne etc.

27-Lara Stone: The raw, sexy lady... I think they took her sex appeal away by giving her a too soft make-up. Still, I am pretty sure that she'll blow me away in motion, right now she's in a class with Isabeli to me.

28-Lindsay Ellingson: Better than last year since she looked slightly older.

29-Maryna Linchuk: Ah yes... Sure, she was good, and she was sexy, and she was one of the best. I think there isn't much to add.

30-Morgane Dubled: Horrendous outfit, lovely face, still, this time, she didn't have a make-up that gave her a bit of colour. Still, her body is amazing, and I think she'll rock that outfit in motion.

31-Noemie Lenoir: Beautiful, lovely, sexy - but overdoing it again.

32-Rosie Huntington: Better than before! She was looking very beautiful, I'd put her in a bunch with Clara Alonso.

33-Sarah Stephens: She did surprisingly well - but since I didn't exspect much, it wasn't that difficult. I think she looked flirty and pretty, and being a mixture of Liv Tyler and kemp Muhl doesn't hurt her appeal, either. I am curious about how she looks in motion.

34-Sessilee Lopez: What a lady, what an enery, what a sexiness! She was the biggest and the best surprise of the whole show to me. Absolutely in the top 3-5!

35-Shannan Click: looked almost too grown-up for Pink, but she did it well. A bit like Carmen to me, though, appeal-wise.


My favourite angels were Doutzen, Adriana and Miranda, the best models definately were Izabel, Candice, Inguna, Sessilee and Maryna. I am so excited to see it on TV, though

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ok I totally copied and pasted your list bc I know I could not remember everyone lol

1-Adriana Lima- she looked good. ever since she started acting kinda crazy (on the runway and events) I have not been as into her, but she was beautiful

2-Alessandra Ambrosio- gosh... she has proved to me once again that nothing could ever make her look less then pefect. how does anyone look that good so soon after a baby? still one of my favorite angels

3-Doutzen Kroes- My favorite angel, my favorite of the show :wub: I can't wait to see her in motion. she looks better than ever!

4-Karolina Kurkova- she looked nice in her pictures, she always stands out more once I see the show

5-Heidi Klum- she has her body back, and she definetly brings something to the show. its like tradition or something. she just brings a nice feel to the show lol

6-Marisa Miller- her body is insane! I think she looked better than last year

7-Miranda Kerr- as someone else said, she has maybe the second best body of the angels. she's cute and toned, but not overly. she looked beautiful as always, and so cute in those butterfly wings

8-Selita Ebanks- shes not a fave of mine. I think her hair was ok. kinda nice since it was different from everyone else


9-Abbey Lee Kershaw- I thought she was cute. I'll have to wait until the show to see if I still feel the same

10-Ana Beatriz- so glad shes back! what a beauty :heart:

11-Anne Vyalitsina I only remember like one pic of her, but I think once I see the show I will like her better. I always like her better in motion

12-Angela Lindvall- I like her being there I don't know why. shes not a favorite but she knows how to get attention, she doesn't blend like some of the new girls

13-Arlenis Sosa- she hasn't won me over yet. shes pretty, but I will need to see her on the show

14-Behati Prinsloo- shes cute. shes good for the pink section

15-Candice Swanepoel- so amazing! one of the best bodies and so beautiful! plus personality thats rare. she got 3 outfits and wings, so I think they are definetly setting her up for good things w/ VS

16-Carmen Kass- so happy she was there. shes never been a fave of mine, but she was one of the new girls from when I first started to pay attention to the models, and now shes one of the only ones still there. big surprise to me that she was there!

17-Caroline Winberg- I think her pics looked good. she looked really skinny though. she is another one I always like better in motion.

18-Clara Alonso- still hasn't won me over.... I would have rather had Daniela Cosio any day

19-Edita Vilkevicuite- she got one of the worst outfits, but at least she was there! she looked beautiful!

20-Emanuela de Paula- shes so beautiful! if vs doesn't make her an angel in the next few years they are crazy!

21-Erin Heatherton- she looked cute. she was one of the ones at the very end that I wanted to be one of the new girls- and she was!

22-Flavia d'Oliveira- not even a fan but she looked AMAZING. wow she's cute and great body

23-Inguna Butane- so happy she showed up at the very end. It made the show 10x better. She looked better then she ever has at VS imo.

24-Isabeli Fontana- another big surprise at the end! she looked great! thats an understatement though. she really caught my eye

25- Izabel Goulart- I'm sad shes not an angel anymore, but she looked really good!

26-Julia Stegner- never been a fan.. I don't even remember seeing her :ninja:

27-Lara Stone- her pics are not that good yet but I think I will love her at the show. shes not cute like some of the girls, she has sex appeal

28-Lindsay Ellingson- not a fan

29-Maryna Linchuk- omg, i was excited she would be there, but she passed my expectations- top 5 for me! gorgeous! :heart:

30-Morgane Dubled- her and julia are probably my least favorite

31-Noemie Lenoir- she looked beautiful, I just hope she didn't over do it at the show

32-Rosie Huntington- I've gotten used to her, not a fave, but not bad

33-Sarah Stephens- she looked pretty cute. I just hope everyone doesn't hate her once they see the show. she definetly reminds me of liv

34-Sessilee Lopez- umm i'm undecided. i didn't like the pics but I think I will like her in the show???

35-Shannan Click- she looked really good. better than I thought

top five -

#1 Doutzen





ana beatriz and edita were great though! al, marisa, miranda, eman,izabel, and flavia too!

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I stole the list from rouge red. Hope you don't mind! :heart:


1-Adriana Lima: Never been a fan, and I always have something negative to say about her… But HOT DAMN! She looked incredible! Best she’s looked in years. There a couple photos of her acting annoyingly childish, but when she was calm and sultry, her beauty was stunning and I gushed over her like I never have before.

2-Alessandra Ambrosio: Not a fan either, but her body looked amazing. Everything about her was beautiful. She took the kisses and’ the happy’ too far but I forgive her.

3-Doutzen Kroes: I still think she has man shoulders and no hips, but her face was beautiful. She looked ethereal and everything an Angel should look like: Beautiful and soft.

4-Karolina Kurkova: Her body was beautiful but she blended in when she usually stands out. She is my favorite Angel and so before I make judgments I will wait to see her in motion.

5-Heidi Klum: She looks amazing. Good job, Heidi.

6-Marisa Miller: I still don’t think she’s Angel material. Yes her body is amazing but she’s too ‘girl next door’. I can only hope her walk improved from last year’s debacle.

7-Miranda Kerr: I don’t like her either! Haha. But she really stood out for me. She was perhaps the best looking of all the Angels this year. I found myself gushing over her as well when I usually only have negative things to say.

8-Selita Ebanks: Eh. Not terrible but not good. She got good wings though.


9-Abbey Lee Kershaw: No. I didn’t like her at all. Completely miscast.

10-Ana Beatriz: Ah, my wonderful Ana. Seeing her back in the show did my heart good. The perfect brunette, her outfits and poses were wonderful. She didn’t look bored and was flawless IMO.

11-Anne Vyalitsina: Great body; has a spot in every VSFS in my book.

12-Angela Lindvall: I hate her Medusa arms, but without her I feel like there would be something missing.

13-Arlenis Sosa: WOW! I know everyone is on the fence about her, but I was struck by her beauty the moment I saw in makeup. I can’t wait to see her in motion.

14-Behati Prinsloo: No thanks. Great body, but I love her face. As long as she stays in PINK I don’t care too much.

15-Candice Swanepoel: STOLE THE SHOW! WOW! Va, Va, Voom! A stunner in every way. Not a flaw on her. An Angel in the making.

16-Carmen Kass: A nice surprise but not much else.

17-Caroline Winberg: I could do without her. She doesn’t bring much to VS other than another blonde head and soft smile. Good bye.

18-Clara Alonso: Cute. I liked her. She is what Andie was in past years, only better.

19-Edita Vilkevicuite: Should have had more outfits. End of. Beautiful and feminine.

20-Emanuela de Paula: I thought she would’ve had more presence personally. My excitement about her dies down drastically.

21-Erin Heatherton: Nothing special.

22-Flavia d’Oliveira: Always great, so much fun and she can work with anything you put on her.

23-Inguna Butane: Another soft and angelic beauty. Nothing could be better.

24-Isabeli Fontana: Love her! Amazing body, great energy, and looks great every year.

25- Izabel Goulart: WHY IS SHE NOT AN ANGEL ANYMORE?! Big mistake. She is always one of the best and it is ridiculous that she was demoted.

26-Julia Stegner: Can’t stand her. I find nothing appealing about her. Those beautiful wings belong on someone who can carry them with poise and grace… Not that absurd crooked smile and slightly hunched back.

27-Lara Stone: Loved her. High Fashion meets sex.

28-Lindsay Ellingson: Good bye. Poor man’s Trentini.

29-Maryna Linchuk: ONE OF THE BEST! BLEW ME AWAY!

30-Morgane Dubled: Adore her. I always look forward to seeing her.

31-Noemie Lenoir: She behaves like an idiot and it completely destroys her beauty

32-Rosie Huntington: Gorgeous. A staple for shows to come I hope.

33-Sarah Stephens: Very pretty but was caked with makeup. Other than that, she was a nice addition.

34-Sessilee Lopez: I don’t know yet. I feel like Arlenis filled her niche already.

35-Shannan Click: She was fine. But if a better roster shows up next year, she would be a name to get booted.

Top 5:

1. Candice Swanepoel

2. Maryna Linchuk

3. Ana Beatriz Barros

4. Arlenis Sosa

5. Lara Stone

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Well, i have to say that im very happy with the show ...

I think that is going to be my fav. show! Just let's pray for the edit! ... B/c w/the pictures i have a lot of hopes!

Im not going to talk about all the models b/c there is a few that i don't even care ... & Gosh! There's so manu blondes x.X! ... I mean, they really really beautiful, but a lot of them looks exactly the same to me hahaha

Let's se ...

Outfits: WOW! So much better than last year, i like the 90% of the outfits! ... Specially the ones of Black Tie Holidays! ... I just love them!

Performing: I think Usher was great (at least for the pictures) ... I love how he walks w/the models, & he was good dressed. Let's wait to see him in motion!

Stage: Just great! I love it ... That's all i have to say

& now i go w/the models ... My top 10

1- Adriana Lima: Im her fan since i saw her for the first time ... But now, God! ... She was just to perfect! ... Her body is totally out of this world ... I just can't describe how much i love this woman ... & im happy b/c she didn't over acting like last year.

2- Alessandra Ambrosio: Biggest & Best comeback EVER ... Im like wow! ... She's amazing! ... I love her.

3- Izabel Gourlat: Why in the hell VS let her go?! ... She's PERFECT! ... She rocks the show & i love her little buttie haha

4- Candice Swanepoel: Can't even talk about her ... Too good to be true! ... VS NEEDS to make her an Angel as soon as they can!

5- Marisa Miller: What a perfect body ... & for the pictures i can see that her walk was a thousand times better than last year. Im glad she gets 3 outfits!

& there's no special order for this five ...

Maryna Linchuk: WOW! ... I was like this when i first saw her :o ... I totally love her! ... So sexy! ... One of my fav. blondes!

Karolina Kurkova: I LOVE KK, for me she was born for VS ... I just don't like the fact that she get 2 outfits! ... But she was amazing

Ana Beatriz: YEI! ... I missed her last year! ... I can't believe how sexy she looks! ... Exactly like Candice: VS NEEDS to make her an Angel!

Isabeli Fontana: Im so glad she was there ... Another girl that VS needs to make an angel! ... Just pure sexiness & perfection

Emanuela de Paula: I just love this girl ... I hope to see her in more shows! She was great!

Other girls that i like: Selita Ebanks (but i think VS killed w/the ugly hair), Flavia, Heidi & Carmen (Glad that she's back!)

& there's one girl that missed: Jeisa Chiminazzo ... For the rest, all my girls where there! :heart:

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From what i have seen so far my fav outfits are...

Candice's Glamour Goddess

Izabel's Black Tie Holiday (with that little present beats Bianca Balti for me sorry to her fans)

Alessandra's Glamour Goddess

Julia's Ballet De Fleurs (Best Wings)

Doutzen's Black Tie Holiday

Miranda's Ballet De Fleurs

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wasn't candice supposed to be a vs angel before doutzen? looks like she's gonna be an angel again. Personally found alessandra's baby blue outfit to have the best accessories. of course julia's wings were simply gorgeous. Carmen Kass had the loveliest cape.. looks like a fantasy harry potter cape. totally agree that clara alonso fits VS better than andi. adriana's figure and beauty was totally accentuated by her first outfit. pure goddess. i also love that Isabeli always keeps it simple and sexy.. which is quite a bit better than having everyone smiling with hollywood smiles and having flailing arms. Ana beatriz always looks stunning on the runway. Adriana's best faces were during the segment where she kept a straight face in that high neck furry coat. my fav walkers are definitely clara alonso and maryna. maryna just has such a calming presence. i'm curious about the appeal of candice? i always found that she had an excessively tiny rib cage compared to her hips. her waist is too narrow, it doesn't look oohlala sexy, but just good figure. She looked stunning in the beach photos, but i found that her beauty didn't translate onto the runway. When she smiles she seems to have the lollipop head syndrome. maybe someone can explain her appeal. she def looks much better without smiles.

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For me def the best segments based on outfits and models were Glamour Goddess, Balleta De Fleurs and Black Tie Holiday. Dangerous was ok too pretty simple but i got confused between it and Black Tie alot lol. Modern was my least favourite and i liked PINK this yr Flavia was the stand out for me.

I can believe ive done a total 180 on Flavia. I never used to like her i thought she was so skinny but this year she looks MUCH better she has put on some weight and when i saw her Dangerous and PINK outfits i was blown away...I have become a Candice and Flavia fan overnight after the photos of them were released. Maryna was incredible and i wish there was more then one runway for AnneV unless there was but no pictures have surfaced yet.

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The first pic that I ever saw from this year's show was Izabel having this little present with this PHENOMENAL location!! OMG! :drool:

Then, I was kinda disappointed to see Ana Beatriz - she looked so weary, or is the make-up to blame?

I'm just so happy that the outfits turned out to be so glamorous - none of them looked glamorous in the fittings (that's why so many of you guys were dissapointed as well). Can't wait to watch the show on dec. 3th!

Next shock - Izabel is no longer an Angel?? Ok, she was briefly in the media compared to the other Angels (referred to German TV-presence and websites), but never thought that Selita and Marisa would last longer than her :( especially SELITA (only like her in 2005, then she became too confident with her Angel-Status and she kinda feels famous)

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Flavia is soooo hot, I am so glad she was in it now actually instead of Caroline T or Raquel Z.


How can people say certian models overdid it with the kisses when we havent seen the show yet? : o

I want to know where everyone is getting all this media to be able to make these comments lol, I feel left out : (

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