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Bia & Branca Feres


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Since this is a thread on athletes, and they're swimmers, I thought I might actually include some pics of the twins... you know... in the water... along with a whole lot more of other, miscellaneous pictures :ninja:

blackshirtspngnb8.th.png young1lq8.th.jpg smilingpngnl4.th.png

gold2fb9.th.jpg gold3gy6.th.jpg gold4ye6.th.png

medals1pngdm2.th.png medals2mw5.th.jpg swimming1yl4.th.jpg

swimming2vt3.th.jpg kisspngjq8.th.png hairdryerwp6.th.png

splitsck4.th.png moscowhx5.th.jpg hottubcw8.th.jpg


credit to various sites

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^ They win the gold medal for hotness! :D

But there seems to be some confusion as to whether they competed or not. Some say they did, some say they didn't (most sites I can't understand anyway). I even saw a schedule for their events on one site, but I'm thinking they didn't compete, despite being on Brazil's national team and being the greatest thing to probably ever happen to synchronized swimming. :/

There is a God! And he loves us! And he so obviously is a man! :D
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More Youtube vids...

This one is a longer version of one I already posted.

The VIP shoot.

Here is them doing some synchronized swimming. It's pretty silly, but it's hilarious with that "Nevermind" reference at 2:53. :laugh:

This seems to be some sort of thing about Rio, but OMG at the woman on the beach at 7:00. :shock:

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they were not included in the Beijing Olympics this year

they won bronze on the Pan American games last year thought

right now they are taking acting classes so they will only compete next year on Canada and Rome

it was in a article i just read :laugh:

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