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  1. another version of Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara commercial. also Christy Turlington, Jessica White and Anna Wang.
  2. and 1 more pic from the block mag
  3. she is the only one with a new solo commercial Maybelline Color Sensational Brown commercial Maybelline Color Sensational Pink commercial. Also Julia Stegner and Christy Turlington. Maybelline Color Sensational Nude commercial. Also Julia Stegner, Christy Turlington and Jessica White. Maybelline Color Sensational Red commercial. Also Julia Stegner, Christy Turlington and Jessica White
  4. Nanda


    i posted it on tfs not so long ago
  5. i guess it was the rag and bones make-up that made her look so sick. she looks great on Christian Cota
  6. as i said people has different opinions about the weight issue so futher discussion about this is pointless. i feel like i just helped to flood this thread with my last posts. mods feel free to delete them
  7. no orphelia, i know i'm in the right forum. there are models that aren't that thin and did/do well in the catwalks. Isabeli, Daria, Doutzen... they were never that skinny. if be skinny like this is the fashion trend, it's because a lot of people think it's ok. i'm a skinny girl, so don't think it hurts me to see super skinny girls because i feel bad about myself. i only feel bad for them. it's true emily chose to be like this, like a lot of models do.but they only do it because they think if they don't they won't be able to work and they are scared of it. those are super young girls, so don't expect a wise decision from them. they will choose to lose wait for the job. it could change, fashion is cyclic. i was just hoping that a beautiful girl like emily could break trough all that, but apperantly not. this is a big discussion and people has different opinions about weight and fashion. lets leave this talk and keep it about Emily. actually i won't post again until i see the healthy pics again, 'cause right now this thread only makes me sad.
  8. if so many people thinks it's ok to drop that amount of weight in a few days for the fashion week, then i'm very worried. what kind of world is this? seriously, i think it's very sad. Emily wasn't even fat or curvy, she was already very skinny, the proof: this was a perfect body <_<
  9. ^i'm not liking this look at all. she looks like a dead body her block ed. in the other hand is nothing but amazing!
  10. hahahah i was needing a group hug after that :hug: i hope you are right!
  11. i don't know if it's the pic's angle or if she really lost all that weight. this pic really disturbes me, she is looking like the "alien" type of model. i really hope it's just in that pic because what made me like Emily in the first place was her 80's models look. if is she going to adopt the super skinny/alien look i guess i won't be a fan anymore
  12. she is doing casting for NYFW!!! some videos i uploaded on youtube form the vogue event interview 1 interview 2 red carpet 1 red carpet 2
  13. new A Current Affair interview Miranda greetings from DJ's photoshoot and i just uploaded 2 old rare videos Fashion Model Talk 2004 part 1 Fashion Model Talk 2004 part 2
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