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That's not so exotic for me, only a strange pair. Probably I would find it too salty. 

On the other hand I tried peanut butter when I was an adult already, I didn't know what to expect, I imagined it something like Nutella, so I was totally shocked that it's salty, and couldn't imagine that you ppl over there can eat it. But this pb-jam combo was great. 

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I was only kidding :D bb_tuna_salad.jpg  


P & J and Tuna are considered "struggle foods" in certain contexts.  P &  J is associated with adolescents, college student poverty, and public school lunches.  There are a large variety of peanut butters, the best are freshly churned ones that are weighed by the pound.


Beware: P & J sandwiches have very high calories (400, 500)- similar to eating a hamburger.  I like eating them too but I gain weight when I do.  Elvis Presley is famous for liking extreme versions of P & J sandwiches (including fried bananas, ham, bacon etc.)

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I just bought/ate it




It's great but not godly. It's smashed ginger cookies and oil.  The crunchy version can be eaten out of a can.   I used the spread with some sweet biscuits.


Overall, it's not really craze- worthy.  Almond butter is more healthy.

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Flan au chocolat!! I think that it can be translated "Chocolate Custard Pie" in English, but Flan is not really like the pies I've seen across the Channel...


It's one of the best desserts I know. Not too sweet (but a little bit of fat which is what we need :rofl:)

Flan Chocolat.jpeg


(it needs to be done by the right person for it to be good :chicken:)

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On 10/14/2017 at 6:01 PM, Enrico_sw said:

^ as for many stuff, it depends on how it's prepared (dressing, spices, etc.)

I really like avocado (and guacamole!) I often use it with other foodstuff to make them better


Kale and avocados are great things but the price is prohibitive. 


I would prefer if Kale replaced all lettuce but it's probably not happening anytime soon....


Kale has much higher nutrition density than many other vegetables.  I like the taste.

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