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Toneya Bird


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It's a bit hard to find info on Toneya these days but she was a fairly major model in Oz back in the late '80s, early '90s.

She rose to fame via a fantastic TV commercial that aired in '89/'90 and is still remembered today (see below - the phrase "sic 'em Rex" entered the country's vernacular). After modelling for a few years here she moved to Europe but soon married a Norwegian prince and pretty much stopped modelling. The marriage didn't last very long however, and after the divorce she had a child with an Austrian prince (as you do!). They later married. As far as I know they still live in Vienna.

Off the web

post-4550-0-1446430135-70321_thumb.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-71643_thumb.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-72731_thumb.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-73414_thumb.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-73896_thumb.jpg

The "Antz Pantz" commercial


From British Vogue - issue & photographer unknown

Scans by me

post-4550-0-1446430135-74407_thumb.jpg tb02yt1.th.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-7539_thumb.jpg post-4550-0-1446430135-76677_thumb.jpg

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OH YEAH!!!! i totally remember her, phil!!!

i had no idea she had such a thing for princes


i suppose when you look like that you can get princes at your feet

ill check the www and see if i can find anything on her to contribute

thanks for digging her up!!!

what a friggin blast fromt he past!!!!!!!


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