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    Christy Turlington; Karen Mulder; Magali Amadei; Shana Zadrick; Helena Barquilla - 1990's fashion models

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  1. Jodi Luschwitz - Does anyone know much about her?
  2. #8 Andrinna Case #9 Melissa Billingsley #25 Andrinna Case #26 Andrinna Case #33 Ilse #35 Sara Standring #37 Alyssa-Jane Cook (actress)
  3. #18 I believe that's Lisa Lackey - before she hit it big as an actress on Home and Away (possibly credited as her birth name Elizabeth Lackey) #20 Shelly Grubb, Darren & Keith #21 Rosemary Ferguson (credited on the cover) #22 Melissa Billingsly #24 Karen Ferrari #26 Lindsay Allison & Scott Wolff #27 Julie
  4. #1 is Rachael Millar (it's credited to her in the magazine)
  5. Janet Frazer Spring/Summer 1993 Photographer: Martyn Thompson My scans Paper quality is poor & a couple of the photos were printed with a poor quality.
  6. The Vogue is by Patrick Demarchelier
  7. Thank you for posting this. I've had a small thumbnail image of this for decades & haven't been able to find a large scan or the magazine itself. Always a treat when you find something new. I'm a fan of your site also. Such a great Christy resource.
  8. It's a beautiful cover, one of my favourites. I was lucky to find it on eBay years ago. You're right, some items are so expensive, particularly these days, but so worth it to have.
  9. You're welcome. I'm a collector too, not so much on Yasmeen but I do love her, & I really dislike having items with no information, dates especially. Love doing the research as it's much easier to find these days.
  10. I used to own this but lost it in a fire. It's from Marie Claire Bis Spring/Summer 1995 & is only 6 pages. (Nadja Auermann cover)
  11. I don't sorry but I did a google search for the cover & it lead me back to her thread here on Bellazon. On page 10 there's an advertisement of the cover.
  12. #20- Jenny Hayman #30 - Nicole Kidman - I've ID'd this one for you before. I believe the people in white are actually Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin & Bill Marron, stated on the cover & guest edited the issue. It looks like them. I had never noticed that before until now. #32 - Kym K - that's the credit inside no idea who she is
  13. #1 - Rohini Ross #2 - Mira #3 - Vanessa Brown #4 - Luciana Curtis #5 - Sam #6 - Barbara Stoyanoff #7 - Sophie Cuadrat #8 - Julia #9 - Karen Williams I actually only recognized Luciana, the rest I researched from ebay (sellers posting the name or a photo with the cover details) & googled the magazine issue.
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