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Barbara Palvin

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I used Google Translate to translate the article so it is a bit shaky....


Hello, my name is Barbi by Nina Verdelli

Hungarian by birth, New Yorker by adoption, Barbara Palvin, 19, is a model since she was 13. He has worked for the largest Maison, is an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris and now sensual face of Intimissimi. But the real surprise is that it is very, very nice

Arrives on set alone, dragging a trolley panda shaped, with yawning little face wrapped in a hood. It looks like a chick. But hell if she is beautiful! Not only that. In Barbara Palvin there is something special: sympathy. Usually if you ask "how is this girl" and they answer "spiritual" means, at least, which has a few extra pounds or acne. Countermand Barbi, as friends call him, has perfect legs and velvet skin. He has ocean blue eyes and pink lips, not surprisingly is compared to the supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Tirarsela could, however, between shots and the other, sudden ballets funny. He jokes with everyone. And begins with a clever answer. What do you like most about your job? "The interviews, of course." What did you think when Intimissimi and L'Oréal did they pick you? 'I thought they had the wrong number! They were among the happiest moments of my life. " Like modeling and fashion? 'I'm not a fashion victim, I would say more unmaschiaccio. I can just wear jeans and T-shirt, I like football, cheering Chelsea. As a child I used to play football as well, now I can not: I thickens thighs. Assomiglierei more to Ronaldo that the Vodianova. " What do you do to keep in shape? "Pilates: tones and lengthens. So I taste a hot dog when I want. Here, I'd like one right now ... ". Shortly after they bring a stuffed bun, brush it away in a few bites. Adore eat, less shopping: original as a model . "Often the clothes give them to me: I prefer to spend on other way. " Like what? "I bought a house for my grandmothers close to that of my parents. I helped my father, who was selling shoes, to open his shop. And I have an idea ... preposterous. " What's that? 'I would like to build a resort for the homeless: after check-in for two weeks will receive hot meals and water. Then, another group will enjoy a slice of normality " Pure selfless. Not a flaw? "I have a deluge! You list them?. " But no, let's talk about good things and dreams. Where do you see yourself in 20 years? "Married, with children, in a big white house in front of the sea." Do you want to start a family, you're also very much linked to yours? "Very much. Up to 18 years, my mother followed me everywhere. And with my sister Anita, who is studying management in Switzerland, we feel every day. " Maybe become your agent. "For heaven's sake! We are two comandine: not nothing good would come out. " Never been jealous of your success? "Never, neither she nor my friends. Theirs is an unconditional love, without equal. Do not get me wrong: meet millions of lovely people. Including those who recognize me on the street. " It happens often? "In Hungary, especially since I've been on billboards Intimissimi." E. .. you Camuffi under hats giants? "Yeah, right! I'm glad to be "famous". As in all things, however, where there is love there is also hate. " Envy you mean? "No, do not hate. Especially after "Justin Bieber affair", when I was singled out as the cause of the break between the singer and Selena Gomez only to have tweeted a picture with him. I received messages of crazed fans who summoned me to leave alone their idol. And to think that between me and Bieber there has never been anything. Not interested me. " What should someone have to hit you? "style of dress and beautiful eyes. But it is a superficial answer: boys are empty boxes until you know them. I am fascinated by intelligent men and ironic, others bore me. " And the romantics? 'I'm not a sentimentalist, but also what is important. Get Kristof (Somfai, ed), my ex in the first year everything was easy and cool as the breeze. Then I would have wanted more than this ... It ended a few months ago. " Did you suffer? "We've been together two and a half years, it hurts. But it was in the air. " That is? "Lately it was detached, as if they keep it a secret. And it was so: cheated on me, I have told friends. I left and I moved to New York. He was immediately put up with that. " It seems impossible: he who would escape a girl like you? "More than anything I wanted to know does she have that I do not. Do you know how they said her friends? "I do not have what you have, why he prefers." Some men feel belittled if the partner is more successful. A Kristof seemed that I need to share with the whole world. I hope one day to find someone who encouraged me to fly. " In what direction would you like to fly? 'I want to try everything in life: acting, singing and studying law. Next year I enrolled at the university. " Why law school? "As a child I watched so many soap operas with his grandmother. The "good" were always lawyers. I was left with the ball. " And the acting? "They all say that, in front of the camera, change. If I can turn me to a spot, maybe I can even for the cinema, which I love. " Favorite movie? "The Great Gatsby: impeccable direction, amazing Leo (DiCaprio, ed)." "Leo" ... Do you know him? "We are good friends. Type curious: there is no subject on which give me reason. Argues the opposite, to show that it is smarter than me. " Is it? "Not on your life! But is it really a good person. " And you're a good person? "Yes." Come on, now a defect tell me. "They're too sensitive. Example: yesterday I were combing for an event. The hairstyle I did not like. With effort, I asked if he could make me a different all'hairstylist. Then I cried: I seemed to have denigrated his work. " A virtue rather than a flaw ... "It's a matter of degree: I can not whine every two to three of them. The other night I was at a major holiday. I felt so lucky ... I began to sob. In short, I have tears in my pocket. If you want to make myself a Piantino well now: I find it a reason of course. "

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great shots! i just don't understand why they picked the first one for cover?! that's the less impressive with that freaky grannypanty...and what did they do on the second pic with barbara's hip and legs? looks awful... her face is gorgeus, different from the usual...

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^ I highly doubt that she is. If you look at the other pictures I posted she's still skinny. Also, in all the recent pictures she has been as skinny as usual. And I highly doubt that you suddenly can get pregnant. xD

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