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  1. i think she's playing, but the way she's looking at her stomach in the second last picture is interesting.
  2. they both look like children playing adult dress-up.
  3. RIP yorkie...i have a yorkie, great little dogs...need a lot of extra care...
  4. Sigh back at you And yes I can know for sure if hr boobs are real or not. 100% sure. *hint* My job
  5. Exactly. 100% it is your opinion they are real. Lol. and like i said, even with those examples above, no one knows 100%.
  6. Well I know girls who gained two cup sizes on Birth Control. Everyone is different. And -sigh- I know breasts grow because of puberty....good gosh. It really depends when she started puberty. However, there is no way you can know for 100% if they are real...and no way to say they are 100% fake. They are amazing and that's that.
  7. what do you mean it doesn't make sense? these are perfectly LOGICAL scenarios. yes breasts do grow but that's if you GAIN weight as well...i.e. in the hips and all over etc...it is unlikely that breasts just grow...but yes, it has happened, i won't rule that out. i still stand by my original scenarios.
  8. Because she is an actress I wouldn't put it past her for getting breast augmentation. and i remember in 2009 (making her 18) she wasn't this big... for her to be this big, i think either 1) went on birth control which does cause some women to gain a cup or two 2) she became pregnant but didn't carry to term...i.e something happened (my friend didn't carry to full term and her breasts went from B to DD) or 3) breast augmentation...a damn good surgeon at that. nevertheless! she is gorgeous!
  9. oh boy if they do a naughty HS section...they'll be put under fire...again lol
  10. I think it's Valerie too...but if not, Dioni Tabbers is my next guess. Warning, nudity!
  11. sadly it won't last...he'll move onto the next young pretty thing
  12. this is one chick flick i don't think my boyfriend will mind attending with me...haha
  13. agreed i would rather see her instagram her pretty face than pictures of food....like other models do...that they 'eat'
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