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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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EW  has spread about Oscar contenders this week, if you go to their online site they have short video interviews with each contender.


If you click on Leo's name , you can listen to his ; his interesting to  hear him talk about symbolism of bear fur





The EW Instagram post gives you just  a few seconds of the interview





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15 hours ago, oxford25 said:

Latest Revenant overseas box office figures ; great that it is doing so well overseas as well :excited::excited:





Would love to see all the pix from this photo shoot :woot:






All about this post is just ... perfect :heart: Congrats to Leo and hole cast/crew to this massive succcess ... really, who had believe this? :p I have the forecasts of all doubters still in the ears: Budget too high, movie to less mainstream, 2nd 'Heaven's Gate', no chances against 'Star Wars' ... yeah, sure LOL Most people still underestimate the box office power of Leo :Angel:


Thanks ALL for the great updates :)


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6 hours ago, oxford25 said:



Tks, I didn't realize we would have a Revenant premiere in Mexico  ; looking forward to new premiere pix :) 


I asked my friend lola7 and she said to me that is not a premiere like I thought... but a press conference tomorrow in Mexico.  

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i watched last night The Revenant thanks to torrent :angel: i just couldn't wait for 24th february and all i have to say is its just mind blowing ; that was one damn intense movie :woot:, everything was just so perfect that i had a terrible headache and went straight to sleep :D ; i mean the adrenaline and the emotions were just too much for me :surrender: 

and lets not start talking about Leo's performance he just made it look so real and totally believable if he doesn't get that stupid oscar then i really don't know .....  

it was definitly the best movie i have ever seen im still trying to process lol its hard to describe this piece of art :clap:

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If this article is accurate, Leo will be attending a wildlife summit in Kenya in late April



Di Caprio, Bloomberg, Elton John for Kenya jumbo talks



LEADING Hollywood and media personalities will be in Kenya in April to attend a major summit on the illegal trade in wildlife.


Among those expected in Nairobi are naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough, American actor and film producer Leonardo DiCaprio and American business magnate and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, a former New York mayor.


The others include Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman, billionaire businessman George Soros, Yao Ming, Elton John, Paul Allen, Kim Tan and Howard Buffet.

“They will be joined by a host of African gliterrati in a campaign to sustain the fight against poaching and the illegal trade in ivory, for which Kenya is already a recognised leader,” the Environment Cabinet Secretary, Professor Judi Wakhungu, said.


Several heads of state and governments, including high-powered representatives of Western nations and China, are also set to attend the two-day Pan-African Giants Club in April.

Kenya plans to use the occasion to set ablaze 120 tonnes of ivory, the biggest to be burned by any country in one go, as its commitment to zero tolerance for poaching and the illegal ivory trade.


The summit is set for April 29 and 30, and will also be attended by heads of state and government.


According to government statistics, poaching has gone down in Kenya by 80 per cent, with the number of elephant and rhinos poached in 2015 dropping to 57 and five respectively


The success has been attributed to the high penalties enforced by the Wildlife Management and Conservation Act 2013, increased numbers of rangers and improved surveillance at Kenya's major airports.


Continued training of the Judiciary on enforcement and collaboration with the office of the director of public prosecutions is also said to be part of the success story.


President Uhuru Kenyatta signed up as a founding member of the pan-African Giants Club in July last year, joining political, business and finance leaders to fight the illegal trade in wildlife that has devastated Africa’s elephants.


The President also committed to the Elephant Protection Initiative launched in the UK in 2014, which is supported by dozens of African countries struggling to eradicate the increasingly lucrative ivory trade.


Some 100,000 elephants have been killed across Africa in the past three years.


The Giants Club was established by The Space of Giants, whose patron is the media billionaire Evgeny Lebedev, owner of The Independent and the London Evening Standard newspapers.


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