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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Tks for Leo bike pix from E :)


Tks for more Leo/NY sightings from today :)


Yes, we can see from bike pix that for sure Leo was in NY today and not California.

But , I have seen people tweet they took a pix with Leo , and then they post a pix with a Leo wax figure , so that may be what the girl really meant :p

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Wish they hadn't edited out scene below from Django



Funny I thought the same thing when I looked at that pix; I sure hope if I'm ever anywhere near Leo I realize he is there :p

Those people are probably oblivious to the fact that Leo just passed them
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Hello, here are pics from DailyMail :) Glad to post thought, missed it !

The star of 'Gatsby' was seen cycling around New York's trendy Soho neighborhood with a friend.

The bike share scheme kicked off in the Big Apple recently and for $10 a day allows New Yorkers the chance to pedal their way around the city.

article-2353532-1A9E68CA000005DC-977_634x906.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68BE000005DC-991_634x930.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68DE000005DC-908_634x871.jpg article-2353532-1A9E6924000005DC-978_634x862.jpg article-2353532-1A9E6935000005DC-681_634x871.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68B2000005DC-871_634x452.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68D6000005DC-460_634x451.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68CE000005DC-869_634x460.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68C2000005DC-115_634x559.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68E4000005DC-274_634x542.jpg article-2353532-1A9E68EE000005DC-535_634x566.jpg
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Great tweet about Leo & Citibike pix (Y)

PopCulture (Complex) PopCulture (Complex) ‏@ComplexPopCult 2h

Leonardo DiCaprio just made it 100 times cooler to ride @CitibikeNYC http://cmplx.it/19RfPgz


Tks for more pix/Daily Mail article :)


Tks for LanaDelRay/Gatsby vid ; just reminds me how much I love Leo's Jay Gatsby :heart:


Agree Leo's looking mighty fit in those bike pix :drool:

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