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  1. Access Hollywood interview - during Great Gatsby promos. May have already seen it but it was new for me
  2. Thank you LuckyGirl. I like this one from the press conference series
  3. oxford, Glenn Kenny used to be the film critic for Premiere magazine, right? He wrote this on his blog before he saw Wolf today.He then tweeted the Coen brothers film is still his fave but Wolf is closee behind. My favorite film of 2013 is Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis. Granted, I'm seeing Wolf of Wall Street this afternoon, but even if I love Martin Scorsese's new picture, it will probably not knock Davis out of my heart's top spot, because, well, I might as well just admit it, I feel an abiding/irritating kinship with the cranky folk singer of the Coen picture. I reviewed it for RogerEbert.com, and I'll write more about its magnificent knottiness once more potential readers have seen the movie..... Glenn Kenny‏@Glenn__Kenny2h Oh wolfie/Oh wolfie/Please tell me do/What makes me love you so? #singalongwithExtAngel #subtweet #icansaynomore Michael Rizzo‏@rizzoli_ma2h @Glenn__Kenny Llewyn still keeps his ranking though, right? Glenn Kenny‏@Glenn__Kenny2h @rizzoli_ma Yeah. But the film in question is very close behind Thanks for the Variety article also, oxford.
  4. thanks all for the tweets oxford, calibi, Nanda, neontiger. From Entertainment Weekly - Who's Up and Who's Down in the Oscar Race BEST ACTOR By Anthony Breznicanon Dec 6, 2013 at 2:16PM I’ve said it before: this is 2013′s toughest category. Related This week, the one thing I’ve heard over and over again is, “Leo is a lock.” People are raving about his work in The Wolf of Wall Street, and this could be the one that finally wins him an Oscar after three previous nominations. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/12/06/oscar-predictions-ew-prize-fighter/5/
  5. Thanks for the WOWS tweets calibi. Really enjoyed seeing the photos of Leo with Bruce Dern, oxford - he seems so respectful of much older actors.
  6. thanks calibi - Jonah will also be on Live with Kelly and Michael on 12/12
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/02/business/media/scorseses-wolf-of-wall-street-gets-in-under-the-oscar-wire.html?hpw&rref=movies&_r=0
  8. Thnks oxford for more reactions and calibi for the photos. Like this close uphttp://fan-girl.org/2013/12/leonardo-dicaprio-with-fans-at-the-writers-guild-theater-in-beverly-hills/010-610/
  9. Thanks for the Carey interview, calibi - so happy to hear those words about Leo because I love her and so much her work as well as a person so t hear her say those words was great. She looks so different with the long and dark hair but she looks beautiful.
  10. Cate Blanchett We need to keep switching up the language around climate change.For so long we've talked about sacrifice and people get discredited for what they haven't given up. [Celebrities] get criticised for taking flights, but the truth is someone like Leo [DiCaprio] takes fewer flights than he's asked to. If we want it to stay on the radar, we need to focus on the fact there's a lot of opportunity.http://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/nov/30/cate-blanchett-actor-pessimist-oscar
  11. DAVID Beckham says that Brad Pitt should play him if a movie is ever made of his life. The retired soccer star and heart-throb was initially stumped when asked which movie star he would pick to play him. When the interviewer suggested Brad Pitt, Beckham jokingly said Angelina Jolie's partner would be a good fit. "Brad would be the obvious choice," he joked. "I'd like Brad to be playing me. Him or Leonardo [DiCaprio]. One of the two … or Bradley Cooper. They're not bad-looking guys http://www.news.com.au/national/david-beckham-nominates-brad-pitt-leonardo-dicaprio-or-bradley-cooper-to-play-him-in-a-movie/story-e6frfkp9-1226772260347
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