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:grouphug: :heart: Thanks :heart: :grouphug:

John, Penny, JR, Veronica and Layla

:wub: :wub: so sweet of you to stop by my side to congratulation me

I appreciated enormously :flower:

I love it here, :heart: I having a great time, :wave:

not so good in English but understand a little, not much to be in a discussion,

it`s hard to find right words… :blink: but sometime I try anyway :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

2000 post :yes:

(but I have posted 1000 post who was gone in the crash :cry2: so totally I have posted 3000 post)

:ddr: :ddr: :ddr: :laugh: :laugh: :ddr: :ddr: :ddr:

:blush: :wub: Happy that you like my pics

thanks to you to to for contributions to some of my favorite/ models :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


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Does the clock mean you had 1,000 posts in a little more then a month? WOW :hell yea!: :dance: :D Congrats

:blush: yes , it look like that

I am staying home for the moment,

and I guess I have a little more time to be on Bellazon :wave:

thanks for stopping by :kiss: :kiss:

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