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Best of Victoria Secret 1999 - 2007


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Voting Rules

1. You can vote up to 3 times.

2. DO NOT vote on your favorite models, who has the best walk ect. This competition is about the Lingerie/Attire/Wings from all the Victoria Secret fashion shows and nothing else.

3. You're allowed to allocate your votes as you see fit, meaning if you'd like to give a particular model all 3 votes, zero or something in between so be it.

Note: There are several outfits from the shows with nearly worthless video, thus I couldn't make avatars at all. Sorry. Also I did my very best to capture the outfits so you guys could actually get a decent look at them, so if you can't see said outfit well.. not my problem. :kiss:

The Rounds will break down as follows [We'll use 1999 as an example]

1. Best Outfit of 1999 - First Segment

2. Best Outfit of 1999 - Second Segment

3. Best Outfit of 1999 - Third Segment

4. Best Outfit of 1999 - Fouth Segment

Best Overall Outfit of 1999

Best Wings of 1999

Each year will be voted on till at the very end we have you guys vote on

- Best Show

- Best Overall Outfit

- Best Fantasy Bra

- Best Overall Wings

So should we get this started? Hmm I think so. :wave:

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