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  1. In that first picture I took her for Ana BB. Would've been sweet
  2. I noticed Elsa changing in 2017 when I watched the Victoria's Secret Show right after rewatching the 2016 one. She went from hourglass to Bella Hadid hips. And then in 2018 all of the curves were gone...
  3. Say whatever you will 'bout her, but bitch knows how to fight for attention (and win it too)...
  4. In my mind they had the perfect formula with the 2005 show: - awesome remixes! - great clothes! - the best lineup! Those 7 girls (Tyra, Heidi, Gisele, Kk, Adriana, Alessandra, Naomi) were top-of-mind. -but what I think made it was the editing. It was so dinamic, so many closeshots, so many details. Nu bullshit with the stage, the audience, interactions and other crap. It was simple: you had a bunch of untouchable, intimidating women, looking like they're wearing whatever the fuck they want, walking God knows where, passing you like they don't give a shit. No nonsense like: let's be inclusive, let's cast relatable girls, let's force them to do backflips to show their "personality" in 4 seconds, let's put crap on them, but let's make that crap in Paris so that we can call it "high fashion"
  5. You've all been there, right? You know that feeling: you finished cleaning the entire house except that fukin' downstairs guests bathroom. You put your hair up in a bun, yout throw on a fake diamont bralette and you get down to scrubbing... Man, she must be pissed...
  6. I think most of us have this wrong understanding of her leaving: - Because health issues, in 2008 she gained weight - VS pressured her to lose it, she couldn't untill the show - They went crazy 'cause of it and they only gave her 2 outfits and insisted on broadcasting her finale outfit ripping apart - They fired her - She gave birth - They cast her im 2010 kinda like a "ok, cool, let's not leave fans with your 2008 image in mind"... But kinda nice to hear it went down 100% civilised.
  7. I get your point and it's a strong one, but for some reason, whenever I think "VS Angels" I have these two images in mind:
  8. Well, that' basically the VS Holy Group: Tyra, Heidi, Gisele, Karolina and Adriana. Looking at who they have now, I cannot believe they were so lucky at one point as to have them all under contract. They should have kissed the ground those girls stepped on. For some reason, no matter how much I think about it, I cannot for the love of God see neither Alessandra nor Candice as part of that group...
  9. You know what woukd be really cool? After it's announced, point us to your posts that actually had hints in them. Curious to see how obvious we had it...
  10. Dude, how the fuck does VS have that ass in their arsenal and not advertise it?
  11. This crap looks like a Death Becomes Her remake with Sara as Goldie Hawn and Stella as Meryl Streep. Down to the blue contacts... Google it!
  12. It doesn't look that much cheaper than Sophia's "couture" crap...
  13. It's not about calling a model boring (which they are, if we think back at the likes of KK, Tyra, Gisele etc). It's about using words along the lines of "monstuosity", "ugly", "horrible face", "her face gives me nightmares" when talking about other women. I say this as a straight man: when I read all the stuff you as women write about other women, in my mind it makes it a little less wrong for us men to have the same approach ('cause why wouldn't it be ok for me to fatshame a woman when you -women- call Adriana "boxy", "a bodybuilder in drag" etc?).
  14. Great...whatever works for you... But my freedom of speech also allows me to write: man that's sad. From a woman to other women...jeez...
  15. Not to disrespect you, but the amount of hate your posts pack blows me away. I don't get what bashing every single phisical feature of every single model achieves for you...Is it power? Some form of validation maybe? Ever wonder what the source of low self esteem and body issues is? Is voices like yours, man...
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