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  1. You've all been there, right? You know that feeling: you finished cleaning the entire house except that fukin' downstairs guests bathroom. You put your hair up in a bun, yout throw on a fake diamont bralette and you get down to scrubbing... Man, she must be pissed...
  2. I think most of us have this wrong understanding of her leaving: - Because health issues, in 2008 she gained weight - VS pressured her to lose it, she couldn't untill the show - They went crazy 'cause of it and they only gave her 2 outfits and insisted on broadcasting her finale outfit ripping apart - They fired her - She gave birth - They cast her im 2010 kinda like a "ok, cool, let's not leave fans with your 2008 image in mind"... But kinda nice to hear it went down 100% civilised.
  3. I get your point and it's a strong one, but for some reason, whenever I think "VS Angels" I have these two images in mind:
  4. Well, that' basically the VS Holy Group: Tyra, Heidi, Gisele, Karolina and Adriana. Looking at who they have now, I cannot believe they were so lucky at one point as to have them all under contract. They should have kissed the ground those girls stepped on. For some reason, no matter how much I think about it, I cannot for the love of God see neither Alessandra nor Candice as part of that group...
  5. You know what woukd be really cool? After it's announced, point us to your posts that actually had hints in them. Curious to see how obvious we had it...
  6. Dude, how the fuck does VS have that ass in their arsenal and not advertise it?
  7. This crap looks like a Death Becomes Her remake with Sara as Goldie Hawn and Stella as Meryl Streep. Down to the blue contacts... Google it!
  8. Wait, they have a product called "brightening gel"? How the fuck did they get away with that and not this:
  9. There have been a lot of fucken years since we've last seen a naked model on the VS runway. She's probably more naked while shopping at Target than under all that crap VS throws on her
  10. Nice to see she kept that walk for the runway as well. Bitch is consistent...
  11. This is exacly the issue I have with recent vsfs's: the music. In the first 10 seconds of that video, the upbeat music makes the walks/girls/editing look 100 times better. So many segments could have been saved by better music...
  12. Dude, just a few days ago I was going through Karolina K's thread and noticing how you were keeping it alive. Just a shout-out
  13. I'm fucking dying, she's such a dragqueen: "yeeees", "gooo, divaaaa", "yeeees, girl" in jer wisky voice. I pray to God she never stops.
  14. Wasn't she in the same boat as AnaBB? I was under the impression they were both offered contracts around 2002 and both turned them down.
  15. Lol ... They didn't glue the hat good enough to her head
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