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The best editorial competition #2. Vote!!!

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Thiago.    0

Ok, this is the best editorial competition ;)

Rules: This competition is about the best editorials a model has ever done, so each model will to have THREE editorials with FIVE or SIX pictures(if the editorial has more than 6 pictures just choose the ones you like the most).

The three editorials will be:

Natural: Something natural, not too much of anything.

Original: Something you don't see everywhere, different.

Classical: Very beautiful.

So if you have the editorials just PM me , do not post them here.

The number of models will be 32. So, send them fast before there are no more spots left.

Observation: NO editorials can be repeated from the last competition!

So, if you wanna know what editorials of your model were used on the last competition here it's the link, and you just search her name ;) click HERE.

Observation #2: Sending the thumbnails of the pictures is easier for me, if you don't know what that is, they are those small pics that you click to see them bigger.

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Thiago.    0


* = Had her turm.

X = Eliminated

01 - Raquel Zimmermann*

X - 02 - Iselin Steiro* - X

03 - Meghan Collison*

04 - Isabeli Fontana

05 - Gisele Bundchen*

06 - Freja Beha Erichsen*

X - 07 - Natasha Poly* - X

08 - Julia Stegner

09 - Lily Cole *

X - 10 - Hilary Rhoda* - X

X - 11 - Cintia Dicker - X

12 - Sasha Pivovarova*

13 - Hana Soukupova*

X - 14 - Eugenia Volodina* - X

X - 15 - Anna Maria Jagodzinska* - X

X - 16 - Irina Lazareanu* - X

X - 17 - Coco Rocha* - X

18 - Anja Rubik*

19 - Gemma Ward*

20 - Lily Donaldson*

X - 21 - Maryna Linchuk*- X

22 - Vlada Roslyakova*

X - 23 - Nadja Auermann* - X

24 - Lara Stone*

25 - Magdalena Frackowiak*

X - 26 - Leah De Wavrin* - X

27 - Caroline Trentini

28 - Morgane Dubled*

29 - Luca Gadjus

30 - Daria Werbowy*

X - 31 - Michelle Alves* - X

X - 32 - Alessandra Ambrosio* - X

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Julia    0

i'll send you Sasha, Irina Lazareanu editorials at night (maybe izabel too i'll have to check her editorials)

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Layla90    0

And Magdalena! I don't like her, but some of her editorials are really good.

Now I'm going to find all of these eds I told you about Thiago:)

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