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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

Joe > Average

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the thread IS artistic in nature

and a great part of art is irony and humor

Part of art is also critique. Gotta work on accepting constructive criticism, lass. On top of that, I thought I was addressing several people. It wasn't personal until you made it personal.

do you see anyone else have words with me on this thread???

I thought I was just bringing up something I didn't agree with in a decent manner and expected a decent reply, even if it wasn't positive.

My bad, seems I overestimated you. Won't happen again. :wave:

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dude... before the grocery store....gotta respond to this shit

i do not post here looking for approval or critiques

i post the pics cuz i feel like it,i like the pics and

i figure that others who are likeminded might

get a kick out of it

if you like them, cheers, if you dont, get to steppin, chum!!!!

thats it, end of friggin discussion

get in, shut up.. look at the pretty pictures

and get on with your life

any more jabberwoky from you and ill just

put you on ignore and keep on rollin :whistle:

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i hate to have to tell someone whats what in this thread, this is my peaceful sanctuary

where i never have to deal with any of this forums snippety bullshit

now back to my refuge, beautiful photos and beautiful women :brows:

this is 80-'s 90's legend, tatjana patitz

the lighting in these pics just does something to me

theres something about it that seems so cold, its almost palpable





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you havent tired out jensen so hes useless to me, have you?


I had him tired a long time ago... LOL

As for not changing the set, in case its of interest, I had a new set that Forever_Yours made for me and haven't used... I really like Jensen... I attached if interested.

sorry its a man..not for this thread... I liked it just Jensen hasn't tired me out yet.. :laugh:





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And Penny as usually you are amazing with the posts here.. I even liked the pics with the bars.. LOL...

If anyone knows art in its trueness, it will be found that the human is art... Some people may find it a vulgar..

for the perverse sexuality of it while true art critcs may see what it really is... art..

I jhave to say I laugh my ass off when I see the bars actually.. I have taken a few of those and put things like smiley faces and cute little pics on the bars.. emotionicons work so funny doing that.. hahahaha

I am happy you post here Penny.. keep having your fun..

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These are beautiful!! What models is this? I think I know her name...but it eludes me! :mellow:

Sorry for forgetting to put her name in the title :laugh: , it's Magdalena Frackowiak, glad you like the pics and thanks for yours :flower: . Though if I keep iding models in threads, user proflies and PMs, I'll never defeat Persuazn :laugh: :ninja: . Sure she's better with high fashion, but with my high fashion, commercial modeling, random atresses, singers and celeb relatives combined...Joe FTW! mwahahahamwahahahaha!!! :evil: post-17304-0-1446018253-28147_thumb.gif .

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