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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

Joe > Average

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glad u like, Az.. i was so struck by it

im of two minds about alexander mcqueen

his genius kicks my ass but what he did

to isabella blow just makes me want to bop him on the head

with a drainpipe :persuazn:

isabella bought his first collection when he was coming out of school

and she inspired him and helped him during his whole career

and then he got hired by the gucci group

and instead of giving her some type of position with

his company, he thanked her and gave her a dress

she killed herself shortly after

~feeling so betrayed and looked over by the industry she so inspired~

theres so many awesome models and fashion trends that she

discovered and inspired in the 90's... the 90's wouldnt be the 90's without her

WHEW!!! i just wrote a novel... but it sucks that one of my all timer designers

is a bit shady

ill find this youtube snipped by him that is freaking amazing

it has shalom :wub:

and thank you joe for posting so much shalom

thats what i like about you,you pay attention

youre one of the few who actually gets my mental process

sahsa smiling :blink: lolol i love her, shes one of the best avante garde girls out there :wub:

my obsidian goddess



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you havent tired out jensen so hes useless to me, have you?


I had him tired a long time ago... LOL

As for not changing the set, in case its of interest, I had a new set that Forever_Yours made for me and haven't used... I really like Jensen... I attached if interested.

sorry its a man..not for this thread... I liked it just Jensen hasn't tired me out yet.. :laugh:

those bruce sets RAWK!! :woot:

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and thank you joe for posting so much shalom

thats what i like about you,you pay attention

youre one of the few who actually gets my mental process

:blush: :hug:

And thanks for giving us kids some history, it's sad :cry: and it hurts :pinch: , but hopefully we can all learn from it :) . And yeah, Sasha's cool :hehe: , by some of her shoots I wonder if she could probably do some acting too? She captures mood well :yes: . With that Trentini shot, you could try going over to her thread to ask her #1 fans :flower: . Is that the Brittish model Claire Durkin in post #3,071? And man, those shades from #3,067 are awesome :| . And that Alek picture...is that her real skin :o ... soooo cool...looks almost purple or something... :shock: .

you have to get thru about the first 40 sec... but after that one of the most brilliant

fashion displays ive ever seen

check out the strange and unusual fashion VIDEO

Woa :o ... :shock: .... :o ...

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