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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

Joe > Average

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that pic is pretty fucking perfect ^^^

from the pose to the backdrop

to the dress

even the birdshit on the ledge is


id have to see more pics of her to see if

i see a resemblance to our

peruvian indian goddess

but she does have that intense sexuality

inspades, baby :wub: :drool: :sex:

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Wow Penny.. I love the pics.. I really adored what you had to end your night.. this one pulled me from lurking.. :ninja: Very impressive.

And what is he about to do here.. I am in the mood to find out. :evil:


.. I love the legs.. just right for me... :heart:

And one last comment about bjorkalicious... I love the cute little smile she has it makes me want to go play too... :bounce:

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that looks like my girl grace jones!! :woot:

great pic.. i need to dig up my grace file, now that i think of it :o :alien: :wub:

i own this thread


i just see the thread as my bedroom wall where i pin up pics that

fire my imagination

and people come by and like how i decorate :blink:

and accept me as i am......

or they dont, as ive exp. recently

enough of that shite

brilliant juxtaposition here

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