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  1. Jessica Gomes

    Thanks so much for posting. Wonder what happened to her face. Looks like a burn...
  2. Emily Didonato

    Eyes? Yes! Yes! I'm looking up at her eyes...
  3. Emily Didonato

    Every part, really.
  4. Fernanda Prada

    So unfair that there's nothing new on Fernanda! She's so beautiful.
  5. Emily Didonato

    Hmmn... she hasn't appeared topless in about a week. Weird! I kid. I kid!
  6. Jessica Gomes

    Thanks for that! If only the ones from a similar shoot (the "Manshirt" ones) were found in this quality...
  7. Jessica Gomes

    I've always thought she should have gotten at least one cover. :wub2: You know, instead of those insane Kate Upton ones. Topless covered isn't what I'd like a cover photo to be.
  8. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Gomes should get it.
  9. Jessica Gomes

  10. Fernanda Prada

    I'd kill to see those new polaroids in higher def! Thankyou for sharing them.
  11. Rianne Ten Haken

    She´s hearthbroken and yoo´re celebrating? Ha ha! kidding. One of my favorites.
  12. Julie Ordon

    That last set. Unbelievable. No need to show one bit of skin, for her to be crushingly beautiful!
  13. Laetitia Casta

    I seasonally forget how incredibly amazing Laetitia is. Then I come back to my senses. It seems this year she´s looking even better than in previous years, too.
  14. Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain

    She's probably my favorite of South America, even past Adriana Lima.
  15. Bar Refaeli

    Nice catch! Gotta go where the fish are like that.