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Found 14 results

  1. Can You Please Identify All Of The Models That I See In These Pictures?:
  2. And the advertisements are counted by three (so do the models, they are six of them, as the title says above), first is coloured gold, second is coloured blue, and third is coloured pink. Advertising campaign's slogans were 'WALKING ON THE MOOD' and 'DEEP INSIDE YOUR STYLE' And also, I do not think about the advertisements' photographers as well, because these images (or even articles regarding the images) are considered to be hard to look at when it comes to searching it online. - Genda Nicolai Yturzaeta Iwakawa/awakawI ateazrutY ialociN adneg Sources: https://www.behance.net/gallery/9713507/Technomarine https://www.pinterest.com/pin/421227371367956790/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/421227371367956786/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/421227371367956794/ https://www.benben.ch/portfolio/technomarine/ http://avramgalili.com/portfolio/3214/ http://fr.1001mags.com/parution/pure-saint-tropez/numero-62-aout-2008/page-66-67-texte-integral http://www.bbdanceagency.com/artiste/s-f/ https://www.facebook.com/technomarine/ https://www.facebook.com/benbencreativedesign/
  3. I was wondering if others would be interested in posting relevant and emerging talent from various photography websites, such as Ben Trovato, Behance, and other photographers' blogs. I have found a lot of great talent. I plan on starting to post some of Carlos Nunez's work among other. Any suggestions? The following photos are by Carlos Nunez
  4. ‘Free Spirit’ | Maud Welzen By David Bellemere For Harper’s Bazaar | September 2012 by Kate Van Raden with thanks to kate @ The Libertine
  5. I start with some of my favs.. Olga Kurylenko Barbara-Palvin Bianca Balti Kristina Peric Natalia Vodianova Elsa Hosk
  6. Hi All, I am new to this forum. I signed up because I need some help if that's allowed? I am thankful for all who takes the time to read my post. I exhausted all my savings to buy this book. I am terribly upset about what has happened and cannot do this on my own. So here I am. I don't know where to go and have contacted Angels by Russell James, but so far will not accept returns. date: Mar 30, 2019, 2:05 AM Re: ******** inquired on “Angels (2018) Collector's Edition book” (2018) by Russell James "I’m sorry but we really won’t be able to do that. To risk shipping it to and from Australia/Phoenix would very likely damage the book even more. It’s way too risky." I received my book on the Wednesday, March 27, 2019 and prepare to view it for the first time by putting padding (bubble wrap) on the table and wearing gloves. After I finished I closed it with the cover still down. As I read left to right, the cover is on the bottom if that makes sense. The books is quite heavy around 9lbs,so I had to jiggle it to get my fingers under to lift. After I picked it up to store away In noticed some scuffing below: Overview (this is the surface I repositioned to after noticing the scratches and to take the photos) But it is the same amount of bubble wrap I placed beneath the book whilst on the table. Some of the Scuff Marks: I put some time in replying the above email I received so I don't want to rephrase the whole thing here. Too much of a headache to deal with as it is. At this price of $1500 USD or close to $3000AUD including taxes this is unfair to have the cover photo damaged so easily especially considering the precautions I took. Maybe its my fault I didn't lift it up with the cover up, but how am I suppose to know??? A book is meant to be read and not just for display? If for display then you would buy a print and not a book. I do not know my options apart from resending it for repairs. I have thought about: 1. Contacted book/photo restorations. So far 3 responses saying they do not do it. 2. Wrapping the cover with canvas and an image at the centre. 3. Laminating or attaching some transparent panel with an image at the centre. EDIT: I do not wish to attempt any DIY as it already delicate enough. Lastly, I have thought about resaving up and repurchasing the ridiculously expensive book......... But mostly importantly if it was repaired/replaced how do I prevent this from happenings again? I.E when the cover is flat against the table when being viewed. I even putting padding underneath mind you. Best wishes, I have replied and will keep you guy and gals updated.
  7. Can You Please Find The Issue Of Self Magazine,From Either 2001 Or 2002,That Has A Page That Shows A Closer View Of A Rip On The Seat Of A Pair Of Jeans Worn By A Woman? After You Find It,Please Present A Picture Of The Page.
  8. Can You Identify The Girl/Woman,That I See Looking For Something To Wear,While In Her Bedroom,In This Picture?: What Type Of Underwear Is She Wearing In This Picture,Is It In The Style Of Briefs Or A Bikini? What Is Her Date Of Birth & Her Location Of Birth Meaning The Country,The City & The State,If Necessary? How Old Was She When This Picture Was Taken & How Old Is She Now? Is It Possible That This Picture Was Taken Somewhere In The United States Of America?
  9. What Does This Picture Of Sandi Gotro,Shown On The Front Cover Of Prevention Magazine,From May Of 2002,Show Her Wearing In It?: Does This Picture Show Her In Her Underwear,Along With A Matching Tank Top That Comes With It? What Is Her Date & Location Of Birth?
  10. Worked with Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire... Cindy Crawford Dalianah Arekion And more http://www.vladimirmartistudio.com
  11. What Does This Picture Of Candace Kelly,Shown On The Front Cover Of Prevention Magazine,From March Of 2002,Show Her Wearing In It?: Does This Picture Show Her In Her Underwear,Along With A Matching Tank Top That Comes With It? How Do You Edit This Picture So That Her Hair Looks Longer?
  12. Can You Identify The Girl/Woman,That I See Waiting To Try Something On In The Dressing Room,In This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA?: What Is This Girl/Woman In This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA,Waiting To Try On,In The Dressing Room? Why Is It That She Is Not Smiling,While She Waits For Her Turn? Does She Even Look Like She Needs To Lose Any Weight? Who Does She Resemble & How Old Does She Look? Is This Alison Sweeney? Whatever She Is Waiting To Try On In The Dressing Rom,How Well Did It Fit Her,When She Tried It On? Whatever She Is Waiting To Try On In The Dressing Room,How Possible Is It That She Bought It,Even If It Did Not Fit Her Right,When She Tried It On?
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