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Hi All,

I am new to this forum. I signed up because I need some help if that's allowed? I am thankful for all who takes the time to read my post. I exhausted all my savings to buy this book. I am terribly upset about what has happened and cannot do this on my own. So here I am.

I don't know where to go and have contacted Angels by Russell James, but so far will not accept returns.

date: Mar 30, 2019, 2:05 AM
Re: ******** inquired on “Angels (2018) Collector's Edition book” (2018) by Russell James

"I’m sorry but we really won’t be able to do that. To risk shipping it to and from Australia/Phoenix would very likely damage the book even more. It’s way too risky."



I  received my book on the Wednesday, March 27, 2019 and prepare to view it for the first time by putting padding (bubble wrap) on the table and wearing gloves. After I finished I  closed it with the cover still down. As I read left to right, the cover is on the bottom if that makes sense. The books is quite heavy around 9lbs,so I had to jiggle it to get my fingers under to lift. After I picked it up to store away In noticed some scuffing below:


Overview (this is the surface I repositioned to after noticing the scratches and to take the photos) But it is the same amount of bubble wrap I placed beneath the book whilst on the table.




Some of the Scuff Marks:












I put some time in replying the above email I received so I don't want to rephrase the whole thing here. Too much of a headache to deal with as it is.


At this price of $1500 USD or close to $3000AUD including taxes this is unfair to have the cover photo damaged so easily especially considering the precautions I took. Maybe its my fault I didn't lift it up with the cover up, but how am I suppose to know??? A book is meant to be read and not just for display? If for display then you would buy a print and not a book.

I do not know my options apart from resending it for repairs. I have thought about:

1. Contacted book/photo restorations. So far 3 responses saying they do not do it.
2.  Wrapping the cover with canvas and an image at the centre.
3. Laminating or attaching some transparent panel with an image at the centre.


EDIT: I do not wish to attempt any DIY as it already delicate enough.


Lastly, I have thought about resaving up and repurchasing the ridiculously expensive book.........

But mostly importantly if it was repaired/replaced how do I prevent this from happenings again? I.E when the cover is flat against the table when being viewed. I even putting padding underneath mind you.

Best wishes,


I have replied and will keep you guy and gals updated.




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Deleted photos side side that were larger the px limit.

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Sorry to hear what happened, it sucks, I would be bummed too.

If they don't accept a refund, maybe you can resell it.


Before that, please, share some photos with us 🤣

I'm personally interested in Skriver, Sampaio, Kroes ones... Thank you!

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