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  1. I wouldn't worry to much about travelling... they'll find a way. However, the videos they uploaded since last month are better that all the stuff they released in SI 2020. I don't get why they haven't realease them before. Yet, better late than never. They set the bar so low last year, that whatever will come in 2021, it will be ok. I just hope Josephine Skriver is still in!
  2. Are we done with this b******it? Women of the fashion scene, both the big names and little-knowns. Post scans, discuss magazine layouts, fashion campaigns, and runway. Chat about your favorite model, or share pictures with your fellow fans. This is not the place to question somebody's opinion or where to make your own scientific/politic statement, guess what: nobody cares what you think about covid, vaccine, etc. Stop trashing her!
  3. I guess she doesn't want to. She probably had plenty of opportunities in her career. And probably this asshole made the poster for himself without her permission.
  4. What a joke. They barely released a 1-minute video for model and now the are already moving on to 2021? Covid etc... there are no excuse for releasing so little material. What happened to the youtube channel for instance?
  5. Bigots ๐Ÿ™„ I'm with Doutzen!
  6. I miss her ๐Ÿ˜ญ I REALLY hope everything is fine.
  7. We are in 2020. Everyone can judge anything. Everyone is under scrutiny ๐Ÿคฃ
  8. This is basically the only thing I don't like about her, she talks a little too much about alcohol... in this case it's not a great example for the youngsters. Given that we've never seen her wasted or anything like that, but still... it would be better not talking so enthusiastically about alcohol consumption.
  9. What's the problem? Everything he said it's ok about Doutzen, and he told us his personal story. At least for that, show some respect. I'd prefer reading 1 post from him than 4000 from you, if this is your attitude. Chill.
  10. If 2021 will be like this year (or worse, since we're seeing worst and worst every year) close everything, it's only right.
  11. It's a shame, really. I was expecting A LOT better... and it seems it's also only 1 minute of video. 2-3 years ago for every model there was 2-3 videos of a couple of minutes. I don't get it. This year it's a joke.
  12. The photos are up! What a disappointment though. Josephine is the prettiest, and yet her photoshoot is the worst of what I've seen so far. Let's hope the videos will make her justice.
  13. Find discord servers? ๐Ÿคจ
  14. Can anyone send me the link to join Discord servers about models in general, and in specific I'm interested in Victoria's Secret models. I've found one on reddit, but no luck in finding more. I guess there isn't an official Bellazon server... it's a shame! Thank you!
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