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Vogue Girl

Franco Rubartelli

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Rubartelli, born in Florence, is a self-taught photographer who had planned to follow his father into the Italian Navy. He was pursuing his back-up plan, diplomacy, when Cupid arranged a collision that eventually steered him toward fashion. Enrolled at Cambridge to study English, Rubartelli recounts, he went to a pub to meet a blind date—who stood him up. As he rose to leave, he collided with a waitress carrying a tray of beer, which doused him. The tray bearer in question was a Swiss beauty named Françoise Schluter, earning pocket money at the pub while studying languages at the university. It was amore, and soon Rubartelli and Schluter were a couple. They married and lived in Rome with their son, Luigi. Tall, lithe, and blonde, Schluter was discovered on the streets there and started modeling. Her career transformed Rubartelli, by his own admission, into the archetypal jealous husband.

One night, after having mysteriously found a camera in their apartment, Rubartelli asked Schluter to pose for him on a beach. With no stylist, hair, or makeup—nor much knowledge of how the camera worked—he took pictures of the wife he feared he was losing, pictures that were infused with longing, youth, and freedom—qualities rarely expressed in the formal fashion photographs of the time. Having asked Schluter what the most important magazine was, Rubartelli got together some money to develop the film and secretly sent the results to Vogue.



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Vogue Italia April 1967

"Bollenttino della Bellezza"

Models: Unknown, Caterine Millinaire, Vanessa & Lynn Redgrave and Anna Maria Guarnieri

Photographers: Franco Rubartelli, Richard Avedon & Enzo Muzii




Scanned by Freya @ ciaovogue.blogspot.com

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Vogue Paris October 1969

"Oh Laineuse Australie Oh Fabuleuse"

Model: Veruschka

Photographer: Franco Rubartelli






Scanned by Freya @ ciaovogue.blogspot.com

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