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    I will face God and walk backwards into Hell.
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  1. Why do you insist on leaving me all the time like this :blah: 

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    2. Limerlight


      Too many so I could deal with you not being here and then the less of you leaving me once you arrived :p 


      I'm good luv, I moved in and just busy with work :wub: How are you?

    3. HitchcockBlonde

      Our uni has a random holiday this next week, so I'm about to leave for that and perhaps spend more time here ;) Where did you move? New city? New home? I'm missed so much :p 

    4. Limerlight


      Moved into my mobile home, just outside the city, it has a spare bedroom for you :p:ninja: I mean cause yea. 


      But I wish I had more holiday's only 3 weeks from work :sad: