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  1. Miranda Kerr

    This is very odd @Ewciolina, because I overlooked this article when I saw it because the picture that was used was Tim Hunter's from her second editorial for Stellar magazine last year. I mean i even tried to get a bigger version of it..... Looks like the editors were having some technical problems....
  2. Miranda Kerr

    found this too! The same outtake was published in Collette Dinnigan's Obsessive Creative book, released in 2013. source: booktopia.com.au
  3. Miranda Kerr

    New Outtake from Harper's Bazaar (Australia) - December (2009) by Simon Lekias source: collettedinnigan.com
  4. Miranda Kerr

    Samantha Thavasa "PINK Stage" - SS17 by Kisimari source: lady.gianlong.com , item.gmarket.co.kr
  5. Miranda Kerr

    GOOD ADVICE by MIRANDA KERR, OCTOBER 9, 2017 Welcome to My Morning Routine: I generally wake up at around 6 a.m. Usually I’m up before my alarm—I’m much more of a morning person now that I have Flynn. Before I had him, I was quite a night owl and didn’t like waking up early, but now I’m the opposite. Typically, the first thing I do is a morning meditation before my son wakes up. Sometimes he’ll come in when I’m doing it and I’ll give him a little cuddle and he’ll sit with me for a bit. Then I always open the blinds and the windows and let the fresh air in. In the past, I would drink warm water with lemon or some apple cider vinegar, but lately I’ve just been having plain warm water. Or I’ll make warm water with a prune or two—it’s a really great way to get your digestion moving. I really love it, it tastes so nice. I really like prunes. Then, I’ll take a quick shower, get dressed, and start preparing breakfast for Flynn so we can eat together. He really likes these gluten-free banana pancakes, or we’ll also have a breakfast quesadilla. I switch it up. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie with almond milk, some water, spinach—I just kind of throw in whatever I have. I like blueberries and almond butter, or sometimes avocado or papaya. Flynn’s at school by 8:15 a.m., so I’ll then come back home and do a workout before I get into my day. I usually workout at home. I do a combination of Pilates and Kundalini yoga. Sometimes I’ll workout to a DVD I’ve used for many years from Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful. She has a great workout you can do anywhere. source: wellandgood.com
  6. Miranda Kerr

    Louis Vuitton's show will be October 3rd, next Tuesday... Hopefully she attends! source: http://fashionweekonline.com/fashion-events/action~month/exact_date~1506830400/cat_ids~29,318,515/tag_ids~53/request_format~html
  7. Miranda Kerr

    P.S @Ewciolina this the biggest quality available on intothegloss for this photoshoot
  8. Miranda Kerr

  9. Georgia May Jagger

    Vogue Spain October (2017) photographed by Tom Craig source: clm-agency.com
  10. Miranda Kerr

  11. Miranda Kerr

  12. Miranda Kerr

    Louis Vuitton by Greg Kadel
  13. Miranda Kerr

    Wonderbra source: wonderbramall.co.kr / onestore.co.kr
  14. Miranda Kerr

    backstage Pirelli backstage/rehearsal Moschino Mei.com source: sohu.com
  15. Miranda Kerr

    I love the fragrance. Is it the Noni fruit or something else? It’s my Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, a nurturing scent that my aromatherapist in Australia developed for me when I was going through a bit of a rough time in my life. I spoke to her about what was going on, and she sent me over a precious blend with super-powerful aromatherapy benefits. It contains things like ylang ylang, rose otto, sandalwood and cedarwood. I felt it made a big difference to me, and helped me through that period in my life, and wanted to make it available to everyone. Rose otto helps open your heart. Sandalwood is very calming, ylang ylang is good for stress or anxiety, and cedar wood is very soothing, and assists in mental focus, and vitality. The formula is supercharged with rose quartz crystal, which as I mentioned earlier promotes self love and acceptance, for oneself and for others. What is your favorite Kora product besides all of them? Well, right now I’m pretty obsessed with the new Noni Glow Face and Body Balms that have just launched. They’re incredible to travel with, and they are super concentrated. When I’m traveling my skin gets a little dry. So I like to combine KORA hydrating moisturizer with a couple of drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil, and a bit of the face balm and use it on certain little dry spots. It’s such a powerful hydrating treatment. I also use the Noni Glow mixed with moisturizer as a base under makeup. I’m also excited about the skin food supplement, because everyone’s always asking me what vitamins I take. This comes in little individual sachets, so you can just shake one with water, or put it in your smoothie if you like, but I don’t. I always mix it with plain water. Do you live a completely organic lifestyle? Honestly it’s important for me to have a balance, and not be super strict with myself. We buy all of our fresh produce from local farmers’ markets, and we buy organic where possible, but obviously when you’re traveling it can be a little more challenging to do that. So I don’t believe in being super strict. I believe in being aware and conscious of what you’re doing. For example, I’m making a conscious choice when I put my body lotion and body oils all over. I’m making a conscious choice because I know we live in a world where we’re exposed to so many toxins and whatnot on a daily basis. We don’t live in a bubble. I try to eat organic, but then you know what, sometimes I don’t. I aim for 80 percent healthy and 20 percent indulgent and for me that balance works really well because you drive yourself mental otherwise. Now that you’re in your 30’s, what’s the thing you most love about your body and face? I am so fascinated with the female body and the way it’s capable of carrying a child. It’s just one of the most magical things and I feel very lucky that I was able to have Flynn. And like I said before, healthy skin is the most beautiful skin. It’s not about not having wrinkles, and what not. It’s about having that healthy skin so that it’s really glowing from within. You have a six-year-old son. Did you see any skin and body changes after becoming a mom? I remember being very calm about my body. I was just so excited to be having Flynn. I was definitely cautious about what I was putting on my skin because like I said earlier, it goes into your bloodstream. So I used our essential body wash, the body lotion. I even used them on my son when he was a baby, and he still loves them. He loves the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil as well. I also used Noni Glow Body Oil throughout my pregnancy, and I didn’t get one stretch mark, even though I had a 10-pound baby. If you use it religiously morning and night, it really helps prevent stretch marks. It also helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks you may already have. Your son likes aromatherapy? Yeah, if he’s having a bad day, or if he’s like, mom, I don’t want to do this or that. Maybe it’s something for school, or whatever it is. I say, just put a little bit of this oil on, and he feels better. It’s very calming! I hear you absolutely love to grocery shop. Is that true? Oh I do. Where do you usually shop? I love to shop at the farmer’s market, that’s the best. If I can’t go to the farmer’s market I’ll go to Whole Foods. I love to feel the fresh produce, and I make sure I have a list of things I might need for the house. I’m a list girl. Do you eat meat? I do, on occasion. I prefer to eat grass-fed beef because it has more omega 3’s and is generally healthier. It’s not that often that I’ll eat it, maybe once a week, or something. You recently got married. Do you and your husband like to cook? Well, he really loves my slow-roasted turmeric, garlic, and lemon organic chicken. So that’s actually what I made for him on our wedding day. I did that specifically for him and our immediate family, and then I had the chef replicate it for the rest of the guests at the wedding. He also really loves my homemade apple pie, which I started making when I heard it was his favorite. Do you entertain a lot? Yes. I love to have people over. We do that more than like anything else. Either I cook, or on the weekends Evan likes to get the barbecue out, and we’ll have a little pool party. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I probably get that from my grandmother because she loved entertaining as well. Okay, cocktails or mocktails? A bit of both. It depends. Remember, 80-20. I make a really good margarita, I’m told. It’s one of Evan’s favorites. It’s just good tequila with fresh lemon, fresh lime, a little agave, crushed ice, and some sea salt on the rim. Favorite guilty food pleasure? Oh, I think it has to be [my husband] Evan’s burgers. He makes a mean burger? He makes a mean burger. It’s REALLY good. He uses grass-fed beef, and then he has his special technique where he puts a little cheese on the inside, and he marinates it in different herbs and seasonings. I love a man who can cook. Me too! He also makes incredible guacamole. He puts pomegranate seeds in it, and onion, and lime juice. It’s really delicious. He loves doing it. I got lucky! Do you ever have to diet considering now you’ve married a man who makes yummy burgers and killer guacamole? I wouldn’t really say it’s about dieting. I’m conscious of what I’m eating. So for instance if I eat a burger with him, the next day I’ll be like okay, I’m going to take it easy and have fish with salad, or a lentil soup. I’m just conscious about what I eat, but for me it’s about nutrition, not about calories. If I’m filling my body with nutrients then I’m going to feel my best. You know what I mean? Whenever I eat food that’s not super packed with nutrients, then I’ll feel like I need to kind of rebalance things a little. What was your pre-wedding day beauty prep like? Did you have a lead-up-to-the-big-day beauty regimen? I’m pretty consistent with my skin care. I exfoliate two or three times a week. I use masks, depending on what my skin needs. We have a hydrating mask, and a purifying mask. Sometimes I’ll put the purifying mask on the T zone and the hydrating one on my cheeks, neck and décolleté. What about makeup? I know Charlotte Tilbury named a lipstick after you. Is there any other go-to product in your purse right now? Yes. There’s a color by RMS. [Rose Marie Swift]’s a friend of mine, and we actually kind of started our formulations at the same time. Anyway, she has a lipstick, I think it’s called Beloved. It’s a gorgeous reddish color and you can use it like on your lips and on your cheeks. Sometimes I’ll even put a little bit on my eyelids. And then obviously, her Magic Illuminizer is amazing. Her concealer is also fantastic. I use number 22. You always glow in photos. Part of this probably comes from being newly wed and happy, but you’re obviously very disciplined about taking care of your skin. Yeah. The whole mind, body, skin connection. I’m also grateful every single day. I am grateful for basic things like the fact that we have a roof over our head, and that we have water. Putting everything into perspective is just really important. Do you have a favorite workout? I mean I absolutely love Kundalini yoga, and I have for years. I also like Pilates. And just turning some music on and dancing. I feel like that’s a good way to work out, and it’s a fun way to get in a workout without actually having to go to the gym. What’s on your playlist? I’m an old school like country girl, so I like Shania Twain. But I love everything from hip-hop to classical to country. Do you and your husband work out together? Does he do yoga with you? We actually did yoga together before our wedding. That was really nice. And our first date was a yoga class as well. Did you have a nickname growing up? Yes, Randa. Do you have a favorite beauty treatment or facial? I’m a huge fan of oxygen facials, and used to have a lady that came to my house, but then she ended touring with Madonna, so I lost her. Now I just do my own at home with an oxygen machine. So where do you go on wellness or spa retreats? Actually, I like to create that kind of environment at home. I have a really great friend of mine who used to be a Korean monk, and he does an incredible Korean body scrub at home for me, and then he’ll do massage, a full body massage and then also like a face massage. Oh, and that is something I did before my wedding--he gave me a really good face massage! Can other people go to him? Should we say his name, or is it a private friend? Well, the sad thing is that he’s going to be too busy. You don’t want to give up your secret massage man! Very selfish, Randa! Do you have a healer? Yes! She’s actually really incredible. Her name is Holly Star and she’s based in New York. She’s an intuitive healer, and does amazing things for people. And then there’s another guy that I really like--Howard Wills and he practices by reciting different prayers. You can find these prayers on his website. They’re like prayers of forgiveness. He talks about cleansing your thoughts every day. Practicing forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others, and I really think that’s pretty powerful. It works for me, that’s for sure. How often do you meditate? I do it every morning and evening. It’s really instrumental for me to take even just 10 minutes to set that kind of intention. It starts the day in a peaceful way, and I use it to just unwind at night. I find it really, really, really, really helpful for me. And I suppose that probably helps you stay calm and balanced, because you have a lot going on in your day to day. Meditation, for sure, and prayer. I like praying multiple times throughout the day as well. You have the most amazing hair. Is there a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t because of your career? Well, I’ve wanted to cut my hair for such a long time, but I couldn’t because of contracts. But last year I woke up and I was like, you know what, I want to cut my hair short, and to be honest I would have even gone shorter, but my husband prefers it when my hair is this length or longer. I don’t know what it is about men liking long hair… Is there a model or actress that you admire? It has to be Christy Turlington. She’s very much into yoga and meditation, and she seems to do a lot of great charity work, and I feel like she has a good spirit. Over to fashion. What’s your current obsession? Is there anything you’re dying to break out that you bought for fall? You know what, I did buy a really nice winter jacket. Actually, I got two beautiful jackets. A gray one from Dior and a black one from Celine. They are staples that I’ll be able to keep in my wardrobe forever, and pass down. You know what I mean, investment pieces. Is there any up and coming designer you’re excited about? Well, that little brand in Australia called Zimmermann, they’re kind of just launching. Well, not launching, but getting more well known in America. They have like really great pieces, and they’re also really great people. I like them a lot. And then, obviously, Mother Denim is good. They make great jeans, and I like Louis Vuitton. I’ve got my loyalties to Nicolas [Ghesquière]. He’s a creative genius. Last question: now that you have a skin care empire under your belt, what’s next? I mean, I’m so focused at the moment at like expanding into other markets like Asia and Europe, and continuing to develop more innovative products. Kora really is my baby. it’s me who’s done all the funding, and everything, and that’s why it’s taken me a little longer to get it out there, because it’s been a risk. But I believe in it so much that it’s worth it to invest money I’ve made from modeling into my company, and get it out there so that it’s doing good things for people. It really works!! source: https://www.wmagazine.com/story/miranda-kerr-marriage-motherhood-kora-organics