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  1. Miranda Kerr

    source: wonderbramall.co.kr
  2. Miranda Kerr

    I strongly believe it's that stupid "filter" that was like custom made for her or something to make her face looks like an alien, and she keeps balancing the camera angle to "fit perfectly around the nose" it's so weird and done with every single video!
  3. Miranda Kerr

  4. Miranda Kerr

    source: harpersbazaar.com
  5. Miranda Kerr

    Harper's Bazaar (Australia) - November (2017) by Nino Munoz
  6. Miranda Kerr

    Samantha Thavasa Pink Stage (2017) source: job.cinra.net
  7. Georgia May Jagger

    Louis Vuitton - Le Voyage
  8. Miranda Kerr

  9. Miranda Kerr

    Backstage Secrets **I hope there will be more source: read01.com
  10. Miranda Kerr

    InStyle by Russell Jame [HQ/MQ] source: erickaverrett.format.com
  11. Miranda Kerr

  12. Miranda Kerr

    a behind the scene from her Allure Korea (2012) source: jaeanlee.com
  13. Miranda Kerr

    would it have like harmed her if the royal albert photoshoot was "professional"... her obsession with "natural/unprofessional" got out of control!
  14. Miranda Kerr

    Very very late 2005 until 2007. The only remaining sources count it as a two year contract 2006-2007 until she was announced angel in 2008. Also starting late 2006, she started to model for the main line as well beside being PINK spokesmodel, which worked well for her because Gisele left and let her score by 2007 those "Sexy Little Things"...."Wireless Bra" campaigns and later got her the angel title cause her fandom started expanding and started dating Orlando (which was good publicity for VS, like they always did by bringing Maroon 5 to perform when he was dating Anne Vyalitsyna, later the same when he dated/married Behati and like last year, with The Weekend and Bella even though they broke up by the time of the show!) You can find her entire VS career here, ordered by main line work, PINK and then the campaigns, all starting from newest to oldest.
  15. Miranda Kerr

    Esquire - December (2012) - [HQ] by David Slijper source: pinterest.com