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  1. Yes! A few days ago he posted on his instagram this photo and this video about Koradior campaign. 10000000_883165462497387_7171621825986203091_n.mp4
  2. I haven't seen these being posted yet. Kora Organics
  3. I love her so much and I'm so happy to see her in new campaigns, especially with Russell James. I miss seeing her modeling.
  4. Found these from Koradior campaign 2021, but the quality is not so good.
  5. From Royal Albert set, I have these too.
  6. When you have a photo example, google can find it in other sizes. And when the photos are uploaded in websites, you can use the option "copy address url" to acess the original size.
  7. Someone already have the Koradior new shoot? I miss seeing the forum uptaded about her.
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