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  1. @Prettyphile could you please help me change my nickname to 18Wunders? thank you in advance
  2. Hi @Prettyphile Could you help me to change my username to 18Wunders thank you!!
  3. @bump Those are reprint shoots from 2017, nothing new, if you're interested here are the originals:
  4. you can also, find the one shot by Doug on his official website: douginglish.com/motion/2016/2/11/love-miranda-kerr
  5. thanks @vmbkn for your wonderful efforts 💖
  6. Karin Calvert-Borshoff (2009) source: hendersonphotographics.com.au
  7. NEW! Noni Glow Skinfood with Prebiotics source: koraorganics.com source: blog.koraorganics.com source: spacenk.com
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