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  1. EVERYONE Thank you all for the feels, prayers, vibes hugs and everything else. I’ll be around here and there, checking in here and there. I’m going to do special shout outs as I do update. @Prettyphile I’m sorry that your mom is having kidney issues. It’s hard to always be upbeat. I have my ups and downs, but I get through them. Hubs says I am the center of his universe brightest in the sky. And I tell him that he’s my rock, my foundation. My, family are my other rocks. Add in dozens of friends, and it’s a luau! (Sorta a funny. And I’m getting hungry.) I am determined to beat this. I am going to be here on this mortal coil for many years to come. I have a good family and though the number is small, we are fierce and mighty! love you guys!
  2. Or wherever the hell the suck on you. Just don’t try to the put them on their back to try to put them into Tonic Immobility.
  3. I’m not searching for salvation, just sympathy and empathy. Thursday night I had to go to the ER.The doctor ran some bloodwork and from those it was determined that I’ve got kidneys that aren’t producing. And there’s something frightening. I have an oncologist and nephrologist to help me come to terms with the fact I now have 98% plus chance of having lymphoma. What kind, we’re doing some biopsies and the results will be back in a couple of days. While all this is happening, they are keeping me in the hospital, which is like the best 2star hotel just off the interstate. My stay may be a couple of weeks and to several months in the place. And I’m scared.
  4. ^ Her tummy looks great. I only hope she’s eating right and exercising correctly.
  5. I’m glad you like them. As I think of others, if my brain can work again I’ll post them for you.
  6. Olivia Brower Anna Luiah Willow Hand Trinidad de la Noi Leticia Abellan Nathalya Cabral (apologies, been dealing with my Father in Law and I’m just exhausted)
  7. Great to know, @Stromboli1we may watch it this weekend.
  8. I can agree with this. Names cycle every couple of decades, that I’ve noticed. One can of my grandmother’s name was Elsie. My other one was Bonny. How do you feel about Prudence or Eunice?
  9. ^ those are cute and sweet! Found this one from my brother today.
  10. I never said they were intelligent humans.
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