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  1. No problem. What is it? ^_^

  2. But that's why you love me! :D <3 (That and because we're a couple of the only people on here who like HF models... :ninja:)

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. What you actually said: Something nice about my set. How I took it: OMFG JUDE I LOVE YOU SO SO SOOO MUCH. My reaction: SQUEEGE YOU KNOW I WUB YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!111 :D <3

  5. Nah. I'm never too busy to help a friend. :)

  6. .. And the girl is Mona Johannesson. Her's the original video: http://youtu.be/J-9tr41HTtI

  7. I'm busy, K?! LOL JK... But I am actually really busy. http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=1_untitled.png These are generally the settings I use when I'm saving a gif for BZ. In order to preserve quality, make sure where it says "Pattern" is NOT set "No dither". I guess if you really have more questions, PM me and I'll try answer them. And the girl is Mona Joha

  8. Mona Johannesson. Here's the original video: http://youtu.be/J-9tr41HTtI. :)

  9. 5 stars for another hockey fan! :D

  10. I'm alright. Tired from working with 4 year olds all day, but what else is new. ;} How about you, sweetie? :)

  11. Why, thank you! And, I must say, I am awaiting your updated top 10 in the Top 10 Babes topic. It's always nice to see someone else with some HF models in their top 10 on BZ. :D :ninja:

  12. 4 year olds! 4 YEAR OLDS!

  13. But I feel so lonely in every thread you and I used to post in because now it's just me posting in it, thus... Loneliness. :(

  14. Working 5 days a week from 9-4 with 4 year olds kind of packs me up. I'd say I miss you too, but... :ninja:

  15. I'm rather good. Busy, but still good. How about you? :)

  16. Absolutely love your new avi. ^_^ (ObvioussuperHarryPotterfanatic)

  17. But then you're not on here talking to me! D: Fine. Have it your way. Where you be workin at?

  18. :chicken: YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!11 Where have you been?!?!?!

  19. OOOH YOU. ^_^


  21. Mmm... I rather like your idea for the smiley. Though, if I do say so myself, I think we're in serious need of a smiley with a mustache. I think that would be an excellent suit for a girl like myself. ^_^

  22. Thanks Dave! Have a great 4th of July weekend! :D

  23. You know what they say: Great minds watch the same TV shows. (They don't really say that. Maybe we can start them on saying that...)

  24. STFU! I made that page in all of about two seconds and was too lazy to actually proofread! Besides, nobody actually reads that page besides you. :rofl:

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