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  1. Oh, and thank you very much for the Birthday wishes! And I believe that's as happy as it can being Italian-American. ;) And, at least you were on to say Happy Birthday to me. :hug:

  2. Where have you been? That was already my avatar like... 2 weeks ago... Or something...

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Layla! :D

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you lyly! :D And I guess that all depends on how old you are. :ninja:

  5. Thanks! :D And I'm really a Time Lord, so I'm actually approximately 758 years old. BZ just won't give me credit for it. >.<

  6. Yes, it is. Thank you very much! :D

  7. That's cool. What country do you live in? And what season is it on in your country? In America, we just finished the 6th season.

  8. You're very welcome. I'm glad I could be of assistance! :D

  9. Really? That's awesome! I'm obsessed with Bones. Are you fairly new to the show or have you been a loyal viewer for quite some time now?

  10. It's not really all that great. I just kinda let my mind run wild and that was the result. :D

  11. What version of Photoshop do you have? Would you like me to teach you how to? :D

  12. Don't worry about it, sweetie! I couldn't make gifs until I got my photoshop. And most of my gifs aren't even that good. That's why I hardly ever post anything original on tumblr. All my stuff looks like shit compared to other peoples. :D

  13. Happy Birthday! :D

  14. Yes, she is. I love Emily Deschanel! :D

  15. Valerie van der Graaf; Kind of looks like a mini Marloes in some pictures.

  16. Grazie mille! :D Oh, and "She came along to turn on everyone" (Sexy Sadie - The Beatles).

  17. Grazie mille! :D

  18. http://i.imgur.com/bel65.gif (I removed the writing underneath; I was pretty sure you didn't want that.) :D
  19. I'll send you a PM; Explaining all that for me would probably take up more than 1 (Or 3) comment boxes. :D

  20. Why thank you, Joe. :ninja:

  21. Rasa Zukauskaite and thanks! :D

  22. I is gooooood... And you? :)

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