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  1. http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=32971 <--- Mah thread :dinah: And to be really honest most guys are concerned about looks mostly and then if she's nice that's kinda good. But me If she's not what I want as a person then I don't care if she looks like Alina, i want nothing to do with her!
  2. In case you haven't seen this before: https://www.trudeaumetre.ca/

    Gives a pretty good overview

    1. toodarnhot


      Interesting. Do you know if there's similar comparisons for past prime ministers? I'm split on Trudeau. :/ I really couldn't get behind anyone in the last election. 

  3. Why













    1. RIP_Cabrini_Green


      Just been taking on more responsibilities at work. So I just don't have the time I once had to post.


      but really I just wanted to take a break. And so after S.I. Got released I figured it was as good as a time as ever to step away for a bit.


      but I e started voting again and checking the threads more and more so I'm back I suppose. Lol

  4. ^_^ One of the better Canadian bands.

  5. ^_^ Well i read your mind and just beat ya to it ;)

  6. ^.^ Awesome! Night night enjoy your day :P (really just 1 time saying g'night i mean it!) <3 You get better each time i talk to ya ;)

  7. ^.^ Good cause I didn't wanna pay to fly you out here then have you leave me when you find one of your male models O.o

  8. ^.^ I don't trust you either! The feeling is mutual! ^.^

  9. ^.^ I never got to see your new hair either! Still curious

  10. ^.^ Or i'd hope on a plane, either or! But ya, dam you distance, it wouldn't be THAT BAD if the $$$ of flying inside canada wasn't so effing insane

  11. ^.^ When we talkz again? I got some news not much but some is more then none + talking to u is beyond fun :D

  12. ^.^How come we always miss each other now <_<

  13. :'( I sent you a message i believe! And i never got a reply! :cry:

  14. :'( i'm actually very femine at times, my best female friend says she'd let me do her hair and nails anytime cause she trusts me enough :D You will learn to trust me! And as for the nails.. ok? i guess.

  15. :( Dang but why the move?

  16. :( It'll be okay don't worry.

  17. :( Meany. :( No more Rawr's for you!

  18. :( That's too bad. But then again, new place new chances, gotta think of it like that.

  19. :) Hey you, doing alright?

  20. :) Skype soon.

    Few more stories from when i left and updates!=D

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