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  1. well, if it doesn't kill us, I think we'd look very different when it's over. Y'know, the extra crispy fried chicken look Then again, in some people's cases, that would be a step forward :evil: Now I wonder: their motto is "kill yourself, save the planet." Now how come this site is still updated? Shouldn't they be dead already?
  2. Why does a girl, so good looking as Adriana agree to wear ugly bikinitops like that? It looks like something my mother would buy no offence to everyone who does like it
  3. Off Topic: LOL how funny; WildeforOscar and me have the same quote! I'm a trendsetter! Bashing Adri? This was probably how it went: ____________________ BASHER: current status: permanent PMS mood: wanna-bash-someone-famous-and-better-looking-than-I-am mood bash-victim: Paris Hilton? Nah...Um Lindsay Lohan? Nah, I wanna be a little origional here... AHA! Adriana Lima! what's wrong with her: uhhh........nothin at the naked eye.....let's see if I can find some ugly cellulite revealing bikini pics. (78 hours later) shit no luck....how about pimples? none, how unfair!....uhhh.....*desperate* six
  4. Expresso


    sweet pics, she looks like she's havin fun showing the world her matrix look Put on your sunglasses Neo and you two would be the perfect pair.
  5. you'll have a better chance of accomplishing that than I do, that's for sure
  6. nope, and now you told me I won't have to either have you ever tied wool reindeer horns to your dog's head for Christmas? (I know it's cruel )
  7. My imaginary friend tells me my mental health is just fine tell me something about your weirdest hobby
  8. Is the provider of lots of eye candy in the guys section Where do u want ur statue?
  9. Expresso


    wow, really nice pics. So Lullaby, u are the one that provides the flow of new (amazing) pics? Nice to meet ya and thanks a lot for the pics!
  10. thanks for the warm welcome everyone, y'all are so sweet! And weird, hey I'm weird too so I guess this is my crowd then And Neo, looking at ur postcount (assuming that not 80% of them consists of pip's ) you're not too bothered to be surrounded by weirdos Or is it just pics of the lovely miss Lima that keep you here?
  11. thanks a lot for the links. Now it's time for this girl to sit back and look at the eye candy Bucket ready Thank you!
  12. wow, this is really my type of guy. He looks wonderful in the nicole farhi ads. Someone gimme a bucket to drool in
  13. I was always a frequent watcher of friends, when the series died I practically died with it. (okay I am a drama queen) I always liked Jen. I don't find her overly beautiful or anything, but she has this down to earth, friendly vibe over her. And the thin-thing...it's actually funny: now supermodels finally have some curves, actresses start to become stick-thin. It's really the other way around now isn't it?
  14. It's pretty crappy since I've got the flu. But since I ddidn't hafta go to school this week that's not such a bad thing Tell me something about your......pet!
  15. Well, here I am Those Korean girls were really funny. If all those ppl there are that weird, I'm considering to move over there God and that Pocky ad. I don't think I've ever seen something that sweet and pink in my entire life
  16. Guess I've come to the right place then oh yeah: pip
  17. check the fanclub thread for Capt Snow for an instance, I thought it was funny Thanks everyone for welcoming me. I feel right at home now And Neo, you can have my e-mail anytime. Just ask for it
  18. Damn I wished I could look that good wearing horrible clothing like that.
  19. ^keeper of the crayons with a thing for agressive bunnies?
  20. okay, there are now 606 pages full with the word "pip" Does this have some sort of purpose or is it just to add another post to the postcount? Or am I talking too much while actually the only thing this post should consist of is the word pip okay then there you have it. wait, you guys aren't going for the "the thread that contains the most useless posts ever" record in the guiness book of records, are you?
  21. Nice to meet you too Always nice to be welcome
  22. Expresso

    Keira Knightley

    Keira's pretty, down to earth, has abs and did not follow the 'plastic-fantastic' trend. Every actress like that is in my good book. Great editorial btw.
  23. So if I buy the phone, can I have her looks as an extra too? Not for sale? Bummer. <_<
  24. Hello everyone! Yes, another sign of life for Bellazon. I'm new as well. When you're thinking: "probably another one of those lurkers who decided to show some manners and register" you're right. I am one of those. Now if you're thinking: "Big change: from 'lurker' to 'registered lurker'" you're wrong. I'm intending to become more active than the avarge registered lurker. If I was one of those I guess I should've registered with the name "Do-little" or something inspirational like that. K, that was my short little babble. Nice to meet you all been reading (yes, not just saving the pics!) some
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